Final Four

We have some good guys returning this year, and some promising freshman. Next year’s team has a lot of up potential. With that said…what is a realistic expectation that Anderson gets this team back to NCAA prominence and a Final Four appearance. 3 years, 4 years, or 5 and beyond? Curious to hear thoughts.

2020/2021. Think we will flirt with an Elite Eight between now and then

Mike has the team he has always wanted to build and with Scotty Thurman, and the new BB performance center - the future appears very bright with next years class and all the talent in Arkansas.

Realistically we should be in the tournament for years to come. What happens then is often random, and not predictable, but yes I expect to make it back to the F4 sometime under CMA.

Things have changed since Nolan got us there in 94 and 95. We had the best team in the country with one superstar, a couple of young bigs and some very good role players. You can’t win an NC with a roster like that any more. Duke and Kentucky can go out and stockpile 5-stars from everywhere. Which is not to say we can’t get hot in March, or get a favorable draw, or both, and get to a FF. I’d be happy with playing on the second weekend in the next 2-3 years.

Does KY/Duke stock pile change if they adopt new age rules in the NBA?

Depends on which rule they adopt. Two-and-through, it wouldn’t make any difference. Squid would still be slinging the BS that he’ll get people into the Show when other coaches wouldn’t. If they let people sign straight out of high school again, that would sure curtail some of that. Coach K is 70 and has had a couple of major surgeries recently; he’s not going to coach forever, but I’m sure they’ll plug in one of his acolytes and march right along.

I know it’s rumor mill, but it’s being discussed in both football and basketball about the baseball rule. Straight out of HS or 3 years. I think basketball would be more affected by the straight out of HS crowd.

Who’s discussing? A lot of people forget, or never knew, that the NCAA has nothing to do with this. It’s each individual league, in CBA negotiations with the players, that decides when it will take kids. MLB decided to do high school, or three years, with a few exceptions. The NFL is three years after high school graduation. The NBA is one and done, but Adam Silver wants two and through. None of that is changing if those players’ unions don’t sign off on a change.

It was mentioned on the NBA channel. When they were discussing Silver saying one and done might not be good for basketball, one of the guys on that channel mentioned them looking at the baseball rule. I believe Webber said it wouldn’t work.

I legitimately think a Reggie Perry-Daniel Gafford frontcourt would’ve been something special.

How long Gafford stays will play a role.

Getting the in-state 2020 guys, particularly Moody and Doakes, who I think have a chance to be elite, to go along with what’s already on campus could be interesting.

Looking back on this now that we are in March and will make the dance. What are the chances that Gafford stays? He can still get a lot better with more development…but so hard to convince these guys when that carrot is dangling.

I think Gafford will do what Kingsley did before his senior year – dip his toe in the water, work out for the NBA people and get their feedback, then decide. Moses came back. I kinda think Dan will do the same. Gafford has had a nice year, to be sure, but he’s no Mo Bamba or Marvin Bagley or DeAndre Ayton.

I tend to agree, and hope we are right. I like him coming back with the guys we have returning and the newbies coming in.

He would probably get drafted, but maybe not in the first round. He didn’t get much notice in the All-SEC teams.

Next year he might be 1st team and POY, like Portis.

Hope we can accommodate both Moody and Doakes. They really like Moody and Bryce Thompson.

Baseball is actually high school or having reached a particular age after high school. For NCAA baseball players, that is usually 3 years but can be 2 years if the player is old for his grade. We lost Benintendi after just 2 years because he met the MLB age minimum.

Benintendi was one of the exceptions I was thinking about. Another one is that a kid can get drafted out of junior college regardless of age, IIRC.

That’s correct, if it hasn’t changed. I used to cover juco baseball, and teams often had players drafted.

The baseball rule states that a player cannot enter the draft until after his junior year unless they turn 21 within 45 days of the draft. Of course they can go straight out of high school. And you are correct about JUCO players. Many players who are not happy with their draft position out of high school will go to junior college and re-enter the next year. It’s why you still see some players commit to two programs - one in Division 1 and one in JUCO.

As others have said going to the final 4 is almost completely random. Who would have though South Carolina was a final 4 team last year. With the right match-ups and situation we may make the final 4 this year. We have 3 guys on our team that can compete with anyone in the country on any given night.

But, if we’re talking when do I think we’ll have a chance to have the best team on paper under CMA. I would agree with Jimmy I would look towards that 2020-2021 season. By that time guys like Hall, Garland, Gabe, and Harris will all be seniors to go along with a very strong junior class lead by Reggie Chaney and Isiah Joe, 2 guys that I think will be stars. Then if we land Moody, who will probably end up being a 5-star guy to go along with guys like Moore or Doakes that’s going to be a very strong team with a lot of quality depth.

Just playing around I could see a lineup like this…

  1. Chaney (JR) / Henderson (JR)
  2. Osabouhein (SR) / Moore (FR) / Phillips (JR)
  3. Hall (SR) / Garland (SR)
  4. Moody (FR) / Embery (JR) / Sills (JR)
  5. Joe (JR) / Harris (SR) / Hill (SO)