Final Four Games

Did I see it correctly, the Final Four games on Saturday and Monday are only on TBS? Not on CBS? Wow!! It’s starting, the big games only on pay channels not on free tv.

Yes I saw that as well, hope I get TBS. Or I will not be watching. Unless us or an SEC team is in the hunt, still might not.

IMO this is the beginning of the end for FB and BB as we know it today.

The NCG has been on TBS twice already (2016 and 2018) and would have been in 2020 if there had been a tournament. Turner is paying half of the fee to the NCAA so they get half the games and half the Final Fours – even numbered years.

I don’t have cable so don’t get TBS or TNT 1st game) or CBS sports. Ugh!

There is an app for TBS. Don’t know if you can watch the games on it!

If you can access streaming apps, maybe you can sign up for a free trial of YouTube TV or one of the others, and then cancel after the tournament.

Yes, there is an app for TBS you should be able to stream games live

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