Final Four decided now. But is next UA coach?

If I’m honest, I’m excited for program if we get Sampson and would have a lot of hope going forward.

Not sure I’m excited about many other
Mid major or lesser D1 types at this stage of our program’s needs to take a big step up - assuming other major D1 players like a Beard or Buzz who are apparently not in play.

If it’s a money thing, I hope we show Sampson the money befitting top 5 or top 10 expectations for program.

Man I hope this all works out.

Football to me is something important where we hope Arkansas can become a big.

Basketball however to me is much more important because we have been a big in more modern era, that we don’t cede any more territory of what we have demonstrated previously as a nationally relevant program. I feel like we are on the edge of getting back our swagger or going away forever.

Man I hope we get this right.

This is coming from a kid who went to Sutton basketball camps and still has a shirt in a box that says, defense, discipline, dedication. I probably learned to read in elementary school by keeping up with that team in my local paper. Cried when we lost that final four. Cried tears of joy for Nolan’s three and national title like everyone else. And of course for the national runner up where we could have been back to back.

Man this feels like such an important moment for an important hire to hopefully catapult program back to national discussion again.

Keeping fingers crossed.

I’ve been very clear about not wanting Sampson, and I’ve showed reasons why. Even though some don’t like those reasons, but

I just looked at the Cougars roster, they’re losing 4 guys (SR’s), but only two that get significant minutes and points. The other two look to be bench guys. I know Sampson is very high on the kid they had come in at semester. So, he’s gonna have a very good team again at Houston next year. AR would have to be spending a large amount to get him. Grabbing him away from what looks like a returning tourney team would be impressive.