Final Director Cup standings

Tom Murphy WHS article

Just in case you were wondering, we don’t have enough sports to be a top contender. You can score points in 20 sports. We don’t even have 20 sports. Stanford has 36. We would have to AVERAGE 3rd place in the country in all 19 sports to challenge Stanford’s total this year. Which is more or less what Stanford averages, but it’s a bit easier in sports like water polo than in football or basketball – and when you can throw out 16 sports that don’t do that well.

Is it possible to get a Top 10 finish with only 19 sports. Just curious

Edit: Should say probable instead of possible

According to UA, we are usually the top school in the DC standings with 19 sports or less. I haven’t done any research to confirm that.

Top 10 this year took 987 points (#10 was right up the road from me at UNC, which has 26 varsity sports). We finished with 803 points and got zero from football, volleyball and either gender of basketball. Just decent at those four team sports (bowl game is 45 points, for instance; making the NCAAT in hoops or VB is 25) and we’d be up around where we were last year. Baseball and softball both “fell off”; baseball got 73 instead of 90 this year, softball got 25 instead of 64. But track was better with two nattys.

With 19 sports, we’d have to average about 52 points to get into the top 10. That would be equivalent to averaging 21st or 22nd in the country. But one natty is equal to two top-25 finishes, so track can cancel out a clunker.

SEC teams in DC:
Florida was third.
LSU 11th
Kentucky 14th
TAM 15th
Georgia 21st
SoCar 22nd
Hogs 23rd (if we’d won one game in Omaha, we’d have tied Georgia for 21st)
Tennessee 25th
Bama 31st
Auburn 37th
Moo U 44th
Vandy 45th even with 100 points from Omaha
Misery 51st
OM 56th

LSU, I believe, has 21 sports (beach volleyball and men’s swimming in addition to the ones we have). They didn’t win any NCs but had four top-3 finishes, plus 7th in football and 9th in men’s hoops (Sweet 16). They scored in 16 of their 21 sports. Florida finished third with one NC and 10 other top-10 finishes among their 21 sports (women’s lacrosse and men’s swimming plus all of ours). We scored in 13 of our 19, with two nattys, top 10 in baseball and women’s golf.

The DC rules say you can count up to 20 sports but four of those 20 must be men’s and women’s hoops, baseball and volleyball. We got points in exactly one of those sports. So having more than 19 sports wouldn’t have helped very much since we struck out in three of those four.

So to directly answer your question, you could finish top 10 with 19 sports if you had zero clinkers and had multiple top-5 finishes.