Final CWS irony . . .

So, we all know that once the NCAA tournament begins, the RPI is only so much window dressing - it’s the games on the field that matter, not rankings. Still, it is interesting to see how an impartial, objective metric such as RPI reacts as results come in.

I just checked it (Warren Nolan’s site that approximates the real RPI with great accuracy) for the first time after the end of the CWS Final series. At the end, OSU and Arkansas were in a virtual tie for the #1 spot, with OSU edging the Hogs by less then 1 ten-thousandth of a point. Arkansas had the best Strength of Schedule (SOS). OSU’s moved up to 24th because of all the top ranked teams it played the last 2 weeks of the season; they came into the tournament with an SOS around 40th.

Just thought it kind of paralleled the result on the field. Two very good teams, evenly matched, but one had to win. And for whatever reason, OSU played better than we did when it really mattered.

(By the way, we finished number one in the Boyd RPI estimator).

Oregon State’s SOS moved up five spots by playing the three games against Arkansas. It was No. 29 going into the championship series.