Final Basketball Recruiting

Any good intel on who might be the last couple additions? I’ve read about Nelson and Holland and they’d both be great additions but both seem likely headed to the NBA. Especially Nelson.

With Arkansas awaiting final word on Walsh and Devo, it’s hard to plan too far ahead.

So that means all this over the top news to come people been saying for 10 days is very premature?

Maybe referring to Holland and Nelson becoming available. As far as a commitment or a big visit coming up soon, I don’t see it unless something unexpected happens.

Consider the sources.

Guys who are known clickbait are being heralded as trustworthy.

Wondered about that and a big reason I started this thread. Thanks!

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All I’m gonna say is our roster isn’t complete. There are still 1, maybe 2 more moves to come.
There has to be.
Muss ain’t done.
Some of this stuff is messy, but you can’t take your eyes off of it.

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A reliable Twitter basketball insider says only thing keeping miss from Holland and Nelson is the nba………

That’s the Million dollar question/problem with both those guys. Sure sounds like both can go pro if they want to.

When is NCAA or NBA deadline for keeping name in draft or staying in college?

The NCAA deadline to drop out of the draft and remain eligible in college is May 31. The NBA deadline to drop out of the draft is June 12. Why are those two dates not the same? I have no idea.

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