Final attendance numbers

Attendance for Arkansas home football games in 2021 increased by 28.1% over two years earlier, the most recent season without capacity restrictions.

Great news for the bean counters.

Error 502 on both my phone and my office PC on Chrome but pulled it up on Edge on my PC.

It would be nice if we had a hard sellout like BWA, although the unused tickets would be an issue in football as well. Six RRS sellouts and one at WMS (dream on, I know) would total 512,592 at listed capacity. That’s 55,000+ above what we reported this year.


I finally got rid of the 502 error by uninstalljng the Gameday app and re-installing on my phone.

That doesn’t explain why I’m getting it on my PC which doesn’t have Gameday or any other app. And why would the UA app affect this site?

My bad, it was whole hog sports app.

Had gameday app on mind because I was cussing it trying to look at game stats last night.

I don’t have the WHS app either. I just link the forum to my home screen.

I eliminated the error by using Firefox as the browser. I don’t have Internet. All my content is viva my phone.

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