Final AP top 25: Hogs #21

About what I expected. Not enough losses above us to move up much (we went up one spot). Passed Iowa and Oregon, got jumped by Kentucky.

Georgia 1
Bama 2
Flopnecks 11
Jellycats 18
Hogs 21
Aggies 26

Coaches poll (which will determine our Directors Cup points) should be out later today.

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Meanwhile, Stewart Mandel has the Hogs #17 in his way-too-early rankings.

And Mark Schlabach has us #20.

From where we were 2 yrs ago #21 ain’t bad.


I believe we are better than Kentucky. We were one 2 pt. Conversion away from a truly special season. Still, compared with where we’ve been since that awful day in 2016, when we blew that lead against Misery, 21 sounds pretty dadgum good!

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I agree @eaglehog5. Look at KY’s schedule. With it our only loss may have been Georgia.

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I think we got dinged to some extent because Penn State had so many optouts, and also because Iowa had a better record than Penn State. IIRC Iowa had one key optout. PSU had several. Could we have beaten them if those guys didn’t opt out? I think so but we’ll never know.

My guess is that if we’d made that 2 at Oxford and finished 9-3, we might still have been in Tampa. OM wouldn’t have been in the Sugar or Peach Bowl because they wouldn’t have been in the top 12. So they’re probably in Orlando and we’re still in Tampa. But maybe that’s reversed and we’re in Orlando instead.

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As far as other early picks for next year, Joel Klatt of Fox Sports has the Hogs #7 and RJ Young has picked them #6.

Love my Hogs, but I think some people may need to tap the breaks a little. At least until we find another defensive line in the transfer portal.

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I think the high WTE rankings are a response to getting KJ back. Great QB play overcomes a lot of other problems. Also a tribute to Sam and the job he’s done. But you’re right, those of us closer to the team see some holes that need to be filled before Cincy comes to town. Mandel and Schlabach mentioned some of those holes.

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