Final About Maui - maybe

I imagine many are getting tired hearing from us that were there. I will close (maybe) with this thought. If you were not in that building there is just no way to understand how intense it is at those games. The crowds are pretty evenly divided and the place is basically full. Both fan basis are serious about their teams or they would not have made that big a trip and expense (it is expensive). The fans are right on top of the court all the way around.

Except for one, the teams were all good and played very hard. It was almost like an NCAA tourney (except for the one and done) in quality and intensity except it is condensed. I have been to many big time games and this equaled or exceeded them all.

One unique thing is they empty the building between each game, so there are about 10,000 fans per day. The fans all line up before the next game based on some sort of order that I never fully understood, but it was fun to stand there and visit with other fans (both teams) before you went inside (about 20 min. after the last game).

Some questioned the value to our team playing in this thing if we didn’t win 3. I think we gained great value. They have learned about playing other very good teams. I think the team really grew a lot closer over the trip. Pretty sure they have learned to really care about the team and each other. If they did not already know, they are certain that if they stick together and listen to Muss, they will have a very good chance of winning.

It was amazing basketball. I can’t remember enjoying an event more in years.


Aloha Jim,
Please never be shy in posting your thoughts! I always look forward to your insight and most especially the insight of those of us fortunate enough to attend an event in person. I wish you, Gas, Wax and Fred would post more often.
UA…Campus of Champions


Thanks for the great overview, Jim! You made me feel a if I was there! WPS!

On the radio this morning Chuck Barrett was lamenting the fact there was no Arkansas media at all in Maui. That is frankly a little bit hard to believe, but I guess holidays and maybe financial constraints caused that. San Diego State did have a beat writer there, and he is the only one that wrote an article about the post game incident. Whatever. Muss is OK with me. I don’t really care what he does to motivate his team and celebrate wins. Just keep recruiting and winning. Right now he’s the leading the pack as far as men coaches getting it done.

Saving dollars through media watching Zoom pressers and games on TV became common place during COVID. It’s hard now for managers in the media business to spend money for in person reporting (in many cases). I see it happening in the company I worked at for 34 years. Zoom meetings have taken the place of many (if not most) in person gatherings. As an official old fart I think much is missed by doing things virtual. But with dollars short in the media business that’s what the future holds IMO.

Yep, a few thousand dollars for airfare and hotel and whatever, or cover by Zoom and TV for nothing? Easy choice for the beancounters. I wouldn’t be surprised if that San Diego writer didn’t fly on the team charter.

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Jeff, you know first hand about media bean counters cutting back.

Yep. Medical bean counters too.

When I was in school I was a stringer for the Fort Smith paper. They wanted basketball game stories from me, home and road. You think they sent me to Austin or Lubbock? Hah. Write it off the radio, usually (a few games live on TV, but not many) and get quotes from Paul’s postgame interview of Eddie and maybe a player. So this is nothing new; Zoom just makes it a little easier. I would borrow a fax machine from the SID office, take it to my dorm room, type out the story on paper and then fax it to Fort Smith through the phone in my dorm.

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Straight-up airfare from San Diego is 320 RT and likely could be lower with advanced purchase. Not saying it is cheap but compared to flying anywhere out NWA bargins are available.

Going a little different direction I noticed the postgame coverage was sparse and I wondered if there was a zoom capability. I was surprised by the one or two questions Muss and the player received after the Creighton game. Muss was extremely abrupt in comments.

We went in 2005 to the Maui Invitational. Bo Mattingly was still on local tv then. I heard him tell some fans that he was the only media person from Arkansas there

I agree. Me and the wife are planning to go to Europe. I found tickets for $350 (one-way) from STL to Paris for July of next year (return trip was $420). We didn’t buy them at the time. Two weeks later, we decided to get them because they were so cheap. Nothing (one way or round trip), was under $1,100.

I’m watching the airline tickets for a year out. If I can find cheap ones again, I’m taking the Mrs to Paris.

Also, looking at Antartica (can’t find cheap ones there).

How many flights into Antarctica International?

Lol, none. Have to fly into Argentina, then catch a boat

Yeah, I know
Just pulling your chain

I want to do that trip too

My bucket list is to go to all the continents. That’s the one I’m missing.

I went to Europe this fall. Like you, I observed ticket prices bouncing around all over the place. Suggest you look to be flexible which gateway airport you use. Consider London, Frankfort, Zurich, Amsterdam, and perhaps Munich. Train travel is fast, reliable and cheap. Those last 4 are far better airports as well. Paris airports are often screwed up, but that is France for you.

It’s often difficult to avoid Heathrow, but avoid it if you can. It’s a zoo. I had a very good experience in Frankfurt, albeit pre-pandemic. I’ve heard mixed reviews about Amsterdam.

Put it this way, for my upcoming Scotland trip I’m planning to fly directly to Edinburgh or Glasgow so I don’t have to change planes at Heathrow. Fortunately it can be done.

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Heathrow is horrible due to the sheer number of people. If you have an Admirals Club membership, or flying 1st class, it’s very nice albeit crowded. … Amsterdam is smaller and old, but it is fairly easy to navigate.

Once again, I must add the caveat that I haven’t been to Heathrow in six years. Before the pandemic, they were running 80 million passengers through there a year. That’s 220,000 A DAY – more than the population of Little Rock. I just looked up the passenger numbers for 2022 to date, or at least through October. They were roughly 50 million, so if they maintain 5 million a month, that’s 60 million for the year. Still an enormous number of people, but 25% off the pre-pandemic peak.

That 80 million basically represented maximum capacity. They have no empty landing slots, and only two runways unlike most major international airports (Atlanta has 5), so no room to add more planes landing/departing; the only way they could push through more people is to land bigger planes like the A380. Eventually they plan to add a third runway, but it may be 10 years or more.

Yep, it was pre pandemic when I was there last as well.