Final 10 games

What do you guys expect?

Edit: In another thread Swine mentions Quadrant, here is the schedule (NET):

Vandy - Quadrant 3 (114)
@ USCe - Quadrant 2 (103)
@ Missouri - Quadrant 2 (84)
Miss St - Quadrant 1 (26)
@ AUB - Quadrant 1 (21)
aTm - Quadrant 3 (106)
@KY - Quadrant 1 (6)
Ole Miss - Quadrant 2 (39)
@Vandy - Quadrant 2 (114)
Bama - Quadrant 2 (46)

7-3 is the magic number… 6-4 is very doable and we’d have our NCAA destiny in our own hands… 5-5 is bottom tier of hope for a bid, it’d take 2 wins in the SECT… anything less than that means NIT and though not a bad season for such a young group, still disappointing with it all within reach… I’ll go with 6-4

We really needed to win a couple of those out of conference games we gave away

6-4 and hope it’s enough. I will be thrilled with 7-3. Young teams are hard to read but we most always finish strong. 20 + games in these kids should be getting what Mike wants from them.

That wasn’t the question and it’s been talked about more than enough.

Vandy (w)
@ S Carolina (w)
@ Missouri (w)
Miss ST (w)
@ Auburn (w)
Texas A&M (w)
@ Kentucky ( loss)
Ole Miss (w) Rebels have began to lay down on their new coach
@ Vandy (w)
Alabama (w)
The loss to Texas, Georgia Tech, WKY, Florida and Texas Tech could have all been wins. That’s the difference between a potential 4 to 6 seed and ending up 8-9 where if they make the dance they will end up!

Vandy - W
@ USC - Boy, critical game. No outcome will surprise me. Toss up.
@ Missouri - Another critical game, I’m going with W, we are better than them I think but…
@ Auburn - L
@ UK - L
OM - W
@ Vandy W
Bama W

I don’t see us beating Auburn or UK (never say never!), I don’t see us losing to TAM at home, I think all the rest could go either way. If my predictions above are right and even if we lose at USC, that is 7-3. Don’t know if we can pull that off, but it is doable! So I guess I am saying somewhere between 8-2 and 2-8 :slight_smile:

I’m not saying we’re going to lose to Vandy…we’ll see how this young team reacts to this huge LETDOWN spot.

I’m pretty sure we win both Vandy games. I agree with you though, I think there’ll be a letdown, but I don’t think it will be bad enough to lose to Vandy, not at BWA. Now if we were going to Vandy tomorrow night instead, I’d be a little more nervous. By the way aTm and Missery are two more teams I don’t think we will lose, we are a lot better.

7-3 or 6-4
Win the 5 home games.
Steal a couple more road games.
Depends on this teams phsycie right now if they can ride that road win at LSU with confidence who knows.

Keep shootin 59% from the floor & 50% from 3pt land 10-0 or 9-1.

Vandy (W)
@ S Carolina (W)
@ Missouri (L)
Miss ST (L)
@ Auburn (L)
Texas A&M (W)
@ Kentucky (L)
Ole Miss (W)
@ Vandy (W)
Alabama (W)

I think we’ll win these next 2, then lose 3 in a row and everyone will panic again, forgetting that we are still a young team that will have ups and downs. We’ll bounce back against Texas A&M and win 4 of our last 5 finishing conference play 10-8, 19-12 overall. Go 1-1 in NCAA tournament, quality wins over Indiana, @LSU, Ole Miss, and Alabama, good enough for a 9-11 seed in the NCAA tournament.

I picked us to play .500 ball in conference and I think we go 5 - 5 in the next ten. We have the talent to win 7/8 possibly as much as we have improved but we continue to foul to often and free throws can be trouble at times. We need more than 5 wins to get to dance and we cannot stand to lose a game we are picked to win, As hard as we played and got away with the win against LSU that’s not going to be a consistent outcome I’m afraid. We’ve come along way and made great strides in the last couple games and there’s a lot of ball to be played and with our youth you never know what will happen down the stretch. WPS

I think a young team has to learn lots of things—including how to win close games late in the clock— they demonstrated Sat they are learning that also

Sorry, we can’t finish 10-6 in conference. I’m assuming you mean 10-8. :wink: :smiley:

Edit made :wink:

5-5 or 6-4 is about what I think we do. We are 4-4 right now, with 10 SEC games left.

9-9 or 10-8…We have a pretty easy schedule left which is good. I think we will need to beat either Old Miss or MSU at home to squeak in the NCAA’s.

with 9 to go… imo, winning 2 of the next 3 is a must.if we are getting to 20… losing 2 or 3, which is possible , would be a dagger… KES stepping up would help tremendously… Hopefully, USC shoots like they did against Kentucky…

I actually think we need to hold home court (4 games) and steal at least 2 more on the road (5 games). In my opinion @ Vandy, @ USCe, and @ Missouri are the best chances for a road win, but all 3 of those teams play well on the road. A victory @ AUB or @ KY would be a HUGE resume builder win. Plus, I don’t think we can go 0-1 in the SECT, 1-1, at least, is a must