Film room: Texas State observations

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Ton of video. Ton of OL stuff. If you click on the small photo in the OL section of the story, I charted how much each of the right tackles and centers played, how productive the offense was with each of the individuals in the game and how productive it was with the different OL pairings.

Dude, get some sleep!

Great stuff Jimmy!

From my arm chair it appeared that Wallace was an upgrade at RT over Jackson.

No idea what you gain or lose with the Raulerson switch. My “theory” is with Ragnow at RG you have someone that can lend more support to whomever is at RT.

That is exactly why. Frank can help the RT pre-snap. Jake can make the line calls just fine.

In camp, Bret Bielema told me that Ragnow seemed to play one step faster at guard than he did at center. Conversely, Raulerson seemed to be the same speed at either spot. Ragnow was a beast on some of their pulling plays last season and I saw that last night. He has not been as good on pulling plays as a center. You can pull the center, but only after the snap is executed smoothly. That’s an art. I think they do some things with Ragnow at guard that they can’t do with anyone else.

One kinda fun play last night was a short touchdown run by Williams late in the second quarter. It appeared that they pulled the left guard, Froholdt. The tackle and the linebacker both left that gap to follow the linemen. It’s the old influence play. Rawleigh walked in.

I could be wrong, but it would appear to me that Wallace’s main problem has been (or maybe is) understanding who to bloack…aka understanding the line calls and reading defensive fronts. He has always looked quick for a guy his size. And strong.

There is also the issue of conditioning. We all read how the staff wasn’t satisfied with his conditioning, and how he had issues making it through practices. Maybe splitting time with Jackson will allow him to work his way into getting most of the snaps.

Great job Jimmy. This is rapidly becoming one of my favorite segments and look for it.

If Whaley hadn’t tripped he was gone…it was blocked perfectly.

Ha! It took longer than I expected.


This is kinda what I think may happen, provided Wallace continues to play well. Obviously doing it against Texas State is one thing, Myles Garrett another.

No doubt he’s quicker than Colton. And I think Frank being next to him helps minimize busts. There was one play that resulted in a tip where it looked like Ragnow expected some help from Wallace and didn’t get it. Will be interesting to see how their communication is next week.

Great Stuff Jimmy!

In some posts last week, we referenced moving Ragnow from Center - who knew it would actually happen?!?

I think Skipper (LT), Froholdt (LG), Raulerson ©, Ragnow (RG), and Wallace (RT) looks like a tough, physical, talented line. This line up reminds me of the O-lines we’re used to seeing from CBB. I hope this can work out moving forward.