Film room: TCU

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Hit on…

— Pass problems
— Run game issues
— Red zone trouble
— Pros, cons of 3-4
— Third-down defense

I love these evaluations. I couldn’t finish this one. Not your fault. Just the game was so bad.

Talk is cheap and I think that is all we are getting. This talk comes at a pretty high price.

Tape don’t lie. Sounds like we were out prepped, out coached and out executed in key facets of the game by a solid well coached TCU program “currently” one rung above us when it comes to national power ratings. The good news is the issues identified on film are fixable through hard work & reps in practice during this open week. Also, despite how bad we played Saturday we were still within 7pts against a potentially Top 20 team midway through the 4th. I’m pulling for Coach B, his staff and our guys to get it together and make a run during SEC play. Starting with a good old fashioned hog initiated butt kicking of A&M in Jerry’s World.

Good stuff, Jimmy.

Arkansas is 8-7 in its last 15 games. That record shows how up they can be one week and how down they can be the next. I give you the two-game example of Auburn and Florida last year (there was a bye week in between). That inconsistency is driving fans insane and absolutely must be fixed. It would not surprise me to see them whip Texas A&M, but it also wouldn’t surprise me if they look inept against A&M. It’s just hard to say. Fans usually know what to expect from their team, but not Hog fans.

I expect the hogs will show up. What happens from there I have no idea. That’s the sad part of it. The Bret Bielma show last night was pretty short on highlights.
I expect to see changes on the O line.
More TE invovment in the passing game.

Maybe AA finds a way to get it going.
I’ll have my grandson while my daughter and her husband go to the game. Win or lose I will enjoy the day.

Good work, Jimmy. Interesting comments from someone who has studied the film.

I am curious. How do you see this season playing out? I know it’s early, but do you think it is going to be brutal or do you seeing us improve and playing better and winning a few games. Right now, it is difficult to see more than 4 or 5 wins.

I think the Texas A&M game will be a big litmus test. Both teams are struggling and should play with a sense of desperation. Lose that and you’re looking at the very real possibility of a 2-5 start, which would be a huge hole to dig out of both from a win-loss standpoint and from the perspective of a staff having to keep the players bought in.

The defense did some good stuff, but after rewatching the tape I didn’t think they were as effective as I did Saturday. Still, some progress made and they didn’t give up the big plays they have in the past. Obviously the offense was terrible and there are some real question marks, but Enos has generally done a good job making September adjustments after getting a feel for what is or isn’t working.

At this point, both lines, the WRs and QB have looked supbar. I think there’s reason to think the QB-WR chemistry should improve, but the line play worries me.