Film Room: TCU observations

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— Austin Allen being clutch
— Special teams wildness/issues
— Secondary performance
— Brooks Ellis
— Rawleigh Williams’ big night
— Pass protection issues

Taiwan Johnson deserves an assist on the pick 6. He forced Hill to flip the throw off his back foot.

Good point. He’s looked much more comfortable back at nose. I was a bit skeptical of all the DL hype entering the year just based off the group largely being average last year, but they’ve been pretty good the first two weeks.

The depth jumps out, too. Sosa, Capps, Roesler and Ramsey are all playing good football. JaMichael Winston and Bijhon Jackson are capable of giving guys a breather. It’s a luxury they haven’t had in a while.

Jackson and Winston should help us quite a bit against more power run oriented teams as well.