Film room: Positives, negatives from La Tech

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I plan on doing this every week. Took a look at some of the issues: pass protection and new guys on the OL, secondary trouble, Allen’s second INT. Also looked at positives: Rawleigh’s day, Randy Ramsey and a strong pass rush given the circumstances, Keon’s performance and Allen’s ability to step up late.

Darn you Mr. President. You just made me feel like I’m paying way too little for this subscription. I think you may have also confirmed my suspicion that we really weren’t pressing La Tech’s receivers all that tightly. Excellent breakdown. Keep up the good work.

Great break down!

Appreciate it. I thought it was telling that Robb Smith said they need to play closer to the LOS on the slot receivers and not give them as much cushion. Will be interesting to see how much closer they feel is necessary.

Thanks! I plan on doing one for each game.

Great read with video proof for those who have a hard time admitting our weaknesses

If this secondary continues to play soft and tackling does not improve we will be in a track meet in Ft Worth

Very good stuff. CBB said they played more press than in any game since he’s been here and that might be true. They may have even called more press. But they certainly didn’t execute more press coverage. You certainly don’t give yourself any chance to intercept the ball playing 6-11 yards off the line unless it’s just a bad pass downfield.

Protection is a complicated matter. When you are in two backs, each of those backs has a responsibility. If there is a blitzing linebacker, the backs can’t dash outside to help tackles chip. I saw that twice. I also saw the backs pickup blitzers at times. I know Kendrick Jackson is going to get a chance at more playing time this week at fullback.

TCU plays a 4-2-5 and has two safeties that are good at disguising blitzes. That will make it tough on pass protection, but it also gives Arkansas a chance to play against an under sized unit in the run game. To me, the run game is what should be emphasized against TCU. I bet it will be emphasized.

This is a great article and dialogue. Good reasons to pay extra for this access.

Excellent breakdown. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and I’m glad to hear you’ll do it after each game. I feel we’ll see some improvement this week, I just wish we had another mid-major at home before TCU. The fact is, we don’t, so coaches need to coach and players need to execute. I think we’ll be in this game 'till the end, and my heart rate will be off the charts again. Seems to almost always be that way…

Thanks for the video enhanced insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Glad to hear you will be doing this after every game. It is much appreciated and will be interesting to watch the improvement of these first game issues as the season progresses.

And Clay is right, more running the ball for future games. It is our bread and butter and is what we do well. The more we run the better we pass.

Woo Pig

What it appears to have happened and what they are coached to do are two different things. In the examples of Colton “helping” Jake, the coaching is based upon a gap control scheme. Jake was responsible for the A gap and Colton the B gap. If the defender spins from A to B then Colton is there to pick it up. The C gap is the responsibility of the back. This scheme is very effective for Blitz pickup. We do this versus man assignment because man assignments are susceptible to twists.

Also, most run plays are RPO’s and the line does not even know that they ball will be thrown. It is important that the OL not be running free downfield on these plays as it will be a penalty. It is fine if they are hooked up but they cannot chase. You will see them blocking laterally especially on the back side.