Film Room: Bama... Run D fit issues, pass D problems, Hjalte Froholdt, run game ineffectiveness, more

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Good stuff.

I watched Tolliver on that one play as he jogged down the field. I was furious!! Hope he gets his butt chewed out during film. That’s inexcusable!

Very interesting …one point you made was how Arkansas is averaging 2.5 YPC in league play and their opponents 8.5 which is “shocking for a team built on physicality.”

It begs the question …are they really built on physicality or is that merely what we’ve been told? It’s been apparent to me that we’ve been absolutely whipped on both lines of scrimmage against A&M and Alabama. Arkansas was the more physical team than A&M in 15 and held our own much better against Alabama last season…especially our DL and we basically have the same players.

A physical football team? Our bark is much worse than our bite.

This…it’s now four seasons…we’re still not progressing.

I agree it was terrible!!

Excellent. Thanks.

Very nice breakdown. I am extremely concerned by the nonchalant attitude of some of our defensive players. There are multiple examples in this game of players virtually taking plays off. Were we just intimidated by Alabama? Did we give up? On offense, sadly, we’re just not very good on the O-line. Poor Austin Allen is going to wind up in a body cast before this season is over.