Film Room: Arkansas-Auburn

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Not pretty, as you’d expect.

Thank you so much for putting this together. After looking at the footage and reading the comments, it is clear to me the problem our run stoppage fail was due to two primary factors: 1) Obvious that our D was absolutely unprepared to deal with AU’s run offense. They were literally deer in the headlights. Half the time faked out or failing to react. (2) The comment that we’ve not been in our base 4-3 (with the third LB) at all this yr was revealing: It was clear that we were unprepared to play that look. Our guys were literally running into each other. Out of position. Hesitating. Especially at the critical LB position. I think the problem was compounded by the fact that Dre was not out there and we had two LBs who were inexperienced, unprepared and probably intimidated. On they clip where we failed to set the edge, our DE clearly thought he was supposed to stunt to the inside. Was that a mistake, or was that a bad defensive call? Was there a LB that was supposed to set up to set the edge? Unclear, but I suspect it was the latter.

And the OL play was atrocious. Distinct lack of physicality. Their DL was on a mission and we didn’t step up to counter it. I did notice that our RBs missed some key protections.

I seriously wonder how we got to this point. I wonder if the staff was honestly prepared to take a loss with this game–either consciously or unconsciously-- and things just got out of hand. It is just disturbing when you listen to their press conferences and they seem to indicate that they had no clue that this was coming.

I think we have a staff of people who scout ourselves looking for tendencies, weaknesses, etc. Seems like these are recurring problems.