Fighting Petrinos down 24-0

Mid-second quarter. Houston is just abusing Louisville every which way after UL fumbled the opening kickoff. Eleven seconds into the game it was 7-0 and Houston hasn’t looked back.

OK with me if UH hangs another 60 on them. :lol:

Oh, and complete lack of discipline by UL. Fights between teammates on the UL sidelines, personal foul penalties, etc. No surprise there.

I’m surprised there has been no Pertrino advocates bombarding the board. They sure do after the Hogs lose or the Cardinals win big.

Bobby dropping F bombs on the refs. He punted down 31-10 which is pretty much a give-up move anyway, and UH came down for a field goal.

Houston has sacked Heisman Boy 9 times, by the way. UL line makes ours look solid. Make that 10 sacks now.

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving sphincter. By which I mean Bobby.

53-6. That is all. Oh, and Sugar Bowl.

Ancient history. Bike in ditch. Cared more about his libido than his team. Treated everyone like dung. Thank God he’s gone.

And Heisman Boy just intentionally grounded from the end zone. Obviously is getting no coaching at all.

And you are biased against Petrino. Very. I just know he won a hell of a lot more than the big man. Don’t care about his libido or his demeanor. Wish he wouldn’t have been fired. At some point, the AD people in Fayetteville need to prioritize winning.

Oh, never mind. You won’t change my mind and I won’t change yours.

Pointless anyway.

Swine reminds me of my exe wife—5 yrs later–he can’t let go-----

I suggest therepy

I’ve been critical of the big man, but Thugtrino has no business leading a group of young men. He is a lying, cheating, bullying, cesspool of a person. Warms my heart to see him on the doorstep of the playoff and then get his butt kicked like that!

Louisville or Houston would mop us up right now…

BP is long gone and what we are now is none of his fault…btw…what we are now is a run defense that is last in the nation

What we are now is a team that is still fresh from a 53 point whipping at Auburn

We have no cause to laugh at anyone…we are the ones being laughed at

Yup. He has 2 games all year. He’s 0-2. During this star turn at Louisville he is 1-6 against ranked teams and has only beaten 3 teams that finished the year .500 or better. His best win was against an 8 win team, but people act like he’s infallible.

He’s good, but so far, when he goes up against a good DL or teams that can play rough with his WRs, he struggles.

Petrino is a low quality human being and I look at those that support him very skeptically.

This is your first post and it says sooo much about you. Thanks for letting us know the type of person you are.

Really a ridiculous comment. What he said is mostly if not entirely true. If it was his first post, it wasn’t a bad one at all. Just because some of us wish Petrino was not fired does not mean we are bad people. Come on. Frankly, in terms of the “bad person” standard, I suspect Bobby and Nick Saban aren’t all that far apart. Both are hard as hell to work for, and are unpleasant people. Now, tell me you wouldn’t want Nick Saban coaching the Hogs. If you say “no,” I’ll laugh at you.

not my first post…been on HI Board since the beginning

Maybe 1st post here…season ticket holder since 1967

The fact of the matter is this…BP has been gone for 5 years…what we have now is nothing to do with him…this is BBs team…we are a mid-conference team…and my honest opinion is under BB we will always be a 6-6 to an 8-4 team

Many ppl hate Petrino for what he did to us but in retrospect what goes on at other schools and is covered up pales in comparison to what BP committed here with Jessica D…couple that with the fact he is having success on the national level that compares to what he did here irritates some…

Personally, im happy for him…and it does not indicate that i am a Louisville fan…i am forever a Razorback and will die one…but i do wish for higher goals for our program than what we have going now…

We are already a 6- to 8-win team, and Bielema’s hardly finished building this program. If you think that is the best it can be, you are probably being overly pessimistic.

The schedule these days is a couple games tougher than it was when Petrino was at Arkansas, too. This is a really difficult stretch for SEC West football. Top 25-caliber teams are going to finish with four or more losses.

Hog fans always have had a difficult time placing annual performance in context with the level of competition. Always. The season Nolan was fired, for example, Arkansas was playing the toughest schedule it had ever faced. We certainly did not upgrade by firing him. We did not improve our destiny. Accomplished nothing. Not a blooming positive out of it.

Hatfield got out before the SEC move. He knew Arkansas fans would never be happy with his teams in the SEC. A lot of fans got what they wanted when Hatfield left, but Razorback football was not better for it. Not in the least. Gained nothing. Not a single positive out of it.

The way Petrino recruited in 2009-12 was not good at all. Got some players but had far too many misses. Had he never screwed up, he would have been patching together lineups with less and less depth. Had he retained the job after his blunders, Petrino would have lost some staff members and had some really difficult times on the recruiting road. It was not going to end well. I don’t understand the shallow belief that all would have been well, had Petrino not been fired. That view is incredibly naive and uniformed.

All I have to say is that if Louisville had our schedule, there is a good chance they would have no better record than we do. I think they Hogs would be 8-2 with the Cardinal schedule this year with the only loses being to Clemson and Houston.

As when he was at Arkansas, you blow out the lowely teams and rarely win a game that matters.

I for one liked him while he was here. I didn’t like what he did and certainly couldn’t look past it. He deserved to be fired.

Hey, someone that actually knows what they’re talking about.

Great post.

The people that claim BP left plenty just don’t get it, 12 good players don’t get close to being a good football team, and that’s all that BB had given to him.

BBs process just takes longer than people want to except.

Swine, just to let you know that you are not alone in this, but it will serve no purpose for me to throw logs on the fire. Hang in there!