Fightin Covid Aggies

Did not look terrible last night. They gave Howlin Ben’s bunch all they wanted. I hope we aren’t looking past them and basking in our press clippings.

The Aggies played and looked pretty good for the first half at times. The second half exposed them. I don’t think our hogs over look any opponent. The hogs sure don’t need to slip up! This game isn’t a must win to get the dance rather it’s a mixture win to keep our seeding up where they have the best chance to make the sweet 16 and
Elite 8! I just want our hogs to take care of business Saturday! Book the win and get ready for Nashville.

Coach Muss was upset when A&M postponed the last game with us, when we were on the bus getting ready to leave, the Hogs will be ready to play.

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They looked like they ran out of gas in the second half. I’m sure we’ll take advantage of that.

hard for Moo U to maintain 9:1 turnover advantage, although A$M did shoot midrange well and can rebound as long as they have legs… Will put some fret into some folks day when we do play. How do you seed a team with half the games of the league???

A&M is well coached. They will always be a tough game as long as Williams is there.

This year, though, is different. Aggies have lost valuable practice time, team building time, and game experience that just can’t be recovered at this point.

These Hogs are talented, focused, hungry, and also very, very well coached.

As Gas would say… Lose the fear!

Muss will call Buzz and cancel the game when he gets the call from air traffic control that aTm is on final approach to the airport. :grinning:


No should let them pull up to BWA and the lights off and no one is there…Then call to tell the game is canceled.

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I think Muss wants to put a whuppin on them like we put on the Poultry.

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They were walking the ball up every time, and they also had the benefit of playing against MSU, which is hardly an up tempo team this year.

You would think they would play better the second game back, but their only road wins were against MSU and Kansas State (which is terrible this year). They had double digit road losses to LSU, Ole Miss, and South Carolina and double digit home losses to Missouri, Tennessee and LSU.

The magic number for SEC teams against the Aggies has been scoring 60 points. They just have not had the firepower to overcome much offense by the opposition in conference play, especially given their snail-like tempo.

Baylor barely won its first game back, then stunk it up against KU in its second game back. Like Baylor, Ags are running into a ranked opponent on its home floor in game two.

This Hog team will show no mercy and run the Ags out of the gym in the second half… Williams will wish the game was called off.

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SEC had the camera on the Aggies walking off the court post-game, and the expressions and body language were not real good. I think Buzz has to sell this game as a “get better/get ready for the tournament” thing, and stress the importance of playing hard the whole game as the way to play well next week. I will be interested to see if that message gets through.

I’m sure he’ll say all the right things about the team having a great attitude the next couple of days, but Buzz is in a really tough spot Saturday.

It will be a challenge for Buzz to get the players motivated after missing a month! Lack of reps in practice and game action. Texas A&M should have just shut it down!

No doubt the Aggies are well rested & perhaps motivated after their month-long vacation.

Just hope they do not expose any of our Hog players or staff to COVID-19.

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Buzz will come out at half and say the whole team suddenly came down with covid for the ______ (insert # here) time. He immediately put them all in quarantine so they would be ready for the Sweet 16. :laughing:

There will be many different possibilities of teams to play in the NCAA tournament. All sorts of differing tempos, personnel, and coaching styles. It will be good to get one more game against an opponent we haven’t played this season. They’re kinda unique in style to what we’ve played recently.

Might be prudent to play this game with our masks on.

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