Fightin Bobbies Eliminated

From FCS playoffs by North Dakota. I believe their only losses in the Spring have been to the Dakota schools. A little surprised at how little media coverage the Spring season has received. Missery State football has been in a state of missery since about 1990. Hope has arrived on a motorcycle.

I think I saw a blurb where BP was conference coach of the year…

Yes he was. It seems that all of our ex coaches are finding their level.

I thought it was co-coach of year in Valley. I watched one of their games. Lots of crossing routes. Lots of zone buster routes. That’s his strength. You better play man against his offense. Most in SEC and ACC played man. But Valley teams don’t have talent at cornerback. Bobby can roll.

There has never been any question about Bobby’s ability to put a dynamic offense on the field. It was and still is a huge disappointment that he lost his job at Arkansas. I imagine that his aggressive coaching of his players would have eventually ended his career here, but his last 2 teams were great to watch. His play calling in the 2010 game against LSU was brilliant, gutsy and kept an all star LSU defense off balance the whole game. His call with seconds left before halftime when Mallet hit Cobi Hamilton In stride for a touchdown had to be one of my favorite Razorback moments. Later that game, the Hogs faced a 4th and 3 from the LSU 35. The play call was a stop and go. The Honey Badger bit on the fake and Joe Adams made an uncontested catch that put the game in the Razorback win column.

The following 10 years were horrible, but Sam Pittman lead a really good turnaround last year that gives me and a lot of Razorback fans hope for the future.


I think it was his preparation that made him great. They worked on that Joe Adams play for a year in anticipation for that situation.

I know everyone talks about his play calling. Equally important was the precision he demanded in practice.

It’s one thing to call the play. Completely different to perfect the play in practice so you can call it.

I enjoyed watching his practices. They were demanding. It was tedious stuff.

I read an article on his practices that stated just how exact and thorough his practices were. I remember the author describing how long they spent running the slant route. I think that the cut was to be made at exactly 11 yards. Not 10, not 12, and not 10.5 yards. The angle of his cut had to be exactly right. The author said they practiced that play until all the receivers ran the route correctly. The QB practiced the throw until the throw was on time at the exact spot. That article showed the precision Bobby demanded In his practices. Clay, I doubt if anyone that coached football at Arkansas demanded such an extreme level of preparation. The man had great talent. It was a shame that that his demons got the best of him.

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No, Frank was precision. I’m told he ran a play 500 times before it would be used in a game.

You go back and look at Broyles during some of those Bud Campbell interviews in the 60s and early 70s, you can see Broyles exudes high-level intelligence. You can see that in his color commentary and during his years as AD, too, but watching him talk as a then-current football coach is a treat. Precision and cutting edge.

Go here and word search (scroll to “search term”) Frank Broyles. You’ll see what I mean, although, Clay, you already know this.

Also do a search on Bud Campbell. First, Bud asked great questions, of JFB and all of his interview subjects. And he interviewed a lot of really high profile people. Incredible. Lots in this collection. I barely remember Bud. I was 7 when he died. He was very, very good.

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The precision that coaches like Don Breaux, Raymond Berry, Hayden Fry and Richard Williamson was pretty good.

Bud Campbell was Uncle Bud to me. You gonna make me tear up.

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There is no doubt that Frank was a great coach. I was too young to remember the details of the early games and out of state going to school for 5 years for the late 60’s, early 70’s games. When I enrolled the U of A, Frank’s career was nearing its end. We had 2 mediocre years, but rebounded to soundly defeat Georgia in the Cotton Bowl. Even during the mid pack years, you almost always felt that you had a chance to win the game.

Bud and your dad were the gold standard Clay. We were spoiled. Doubt we’ll ever see two like them again.

BP was my favorite all time coach because I thought after he got things going we were in a position to win every game we played. It’s all about the “precision” and by God we had the precision.

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