Fightin Berts now 5-1

I know, they wouldn’t be if they were playing our schedule. And while I’m happy for Barry Lunney, his O didn’t much light up the scoreboard in the win over the Iowa retro’s. What’s up with that team? Are all their games single digit affairs? Anyhoo, if someone has to win that league, it might as well be the boys from Champaign-Urbana.

Well, Lunney’s QB went down in the first quarter. The Rutgers dude is not suited to run Lunney’s offense.

Brett got real lucky when he got Ryan Walters. He’s the best young DC in the game in my opinion.

Brett got double lucky when he inherited a team full of Florida and Georgia kids that Lovie recruited. Lovie didn’t know what to do with them.

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And who had the most influence on Ryan Waters? It was Barry Odom. Arkansas is fortunate to have Barry Odom and fans better realize it. He can’t coach a defense with only 7 capable players. Give them time to build some depth and support him.


I agree with you on Odom, everyone seems to know that the answer to our defensive issues is recruiting. But when you recruit and get guys that you want and they never live up to expectations or get injured or hit the portal your right back where you were previously and it can happen overnight it seems. WPS

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How good would the Pittboss be if he spent a season with Bellechick?

Brett is in a conference where you have a much better chance of winning if you don’t score 24 points than you do in the SEC. He’s comfortable with playing games like that, and I’m not surprised he’s apparently got Illinois inching up the ladder in the Big Ten.

The question is how many more rungs can he climb before he hits his head on the ceiling?

They will hit their head on a maize and blue ceiling for sure. Fairly sure ole Brett can down a boilermaker. Sparty is really down this year.That leaves the Gophers standing between them and a 10-2 season.

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