Few questions?

I could be completely over looking it but is there a team rooster on here somewhere? Also, on scout they had a tab where you could check the teams remaining eligibility left. I like that feature a lot. Thanks for any info… Go hogs!

We do not have rosters. Perhaps that is something we can add at some point. I did the rosters. We have much more elaborate recruiting information through Richard and Dudley here than what we had before. But we do not have the rosters. The schedules are more up to date. We did not have updated schedules for basketball and baseball. We do now. And, the recruiting page that Matt Jones built for us here is very good.

If you’ll click the schedules link in the navigation rail at the top of the page, you’ll actually find football and basketball rosters, statistics, injuries, standings etc.

Thanks for the info! Clay, I definitely like the switch and wasn’t complaining at all. Enjoy all the new information available. Was just a few questions I was wondering about.

And thanks Matt!

You realize that when you click on “schedules/football” you don’t get an upcoming schedule don’t you? Or am I missing something?

I don’t believe there is a team rooster.

Whenever I want to look at the team roster I go to the schools website. If you google “Arkansas FB roster” you get this:

http://www.arkansasrazorbacks.com/sport … bl/roster/

Its there, but you have to look/click on several things to get to it. Going to the team website is definitely easier.

It takes one click on PLAYER ROSTER

http://wholehogsports.sportsdirectinc.c … er126.html

There is a schedule on that page.

Sorry Matt. I clicked on college football and it pulled up all teams. I just didn’t look down the page.