Few Observations about FR Players

  1. Desi needs to develop a confident outside shot. I really enjoyed watching him Friday distributing the ball and playing defense. I think he has a good future as a PG if he’ll develop a consistent shot to keep defenses honest. Lots of hustle in him.
  2. Simpson looked good to me. Nice shot and feel for the game. He will need to develop more on the defensive end but good player.
  3. Joe is just an outstanding shooter. What a smooth stroke. He’s also a pretty good defender. Will need to fake and drive for midrange and around the basketgame more going forward. Needs a little more strength/weight room work.
  4. Jordan Phillips is a good looking ball player. He just needs some time to get conditioning down and knock off the rust. Long athlete that I can see being ideal in our system defending passing lanes,etc. Huge upside.
  5. Chaney looks legit! Very athletic for a big. Keep working on that shot!