Few Game Thoughts

I have been catching up with all the posts this morning and not surprisingly a lot of frustration and discussion on both sides of the CBB debate.

I have sat thru all 3 of these OT losses to the Aggies right on the losing goal line each time. The phrase deja vu all over again is appropriate. Even though it ended badly again, I took alot of positives from the game. I was so proud of the fight yesterday, the Hogs answered each time and for whatever reason, the Hogs just cannot get the break or make the play at the end to win.

The couple of things which the team definitely improved on was short yardage with Kelly QB run package and also wildcat package with Hayden. I thought those were both well designed packages and will force teams to start game planning against that as well. Of course SEC is a line of scrimmage league and not having answers on either OL or DL is the main reason team is struggling and will continue to struggle this year.

The goal for me at this point of the season (i hate that i am saying this in 3rd week of Sept) is we need to somehow get to 6-6, get to a bowl and win it to keep some momentum. To do this, we need 3 SEC wins, hopefully we can steal a win at SC, but real strong chance now to start 0-3. This is where CBB needs to prove his worth, needs to keep the team together and improving along the way.

AA threw some beautiful long passes to Nance who stepped up bigtime for us…great job! if OL gives him time he can throw the ball!

Guess I am an eternal optimist and even though dissappointed, I saw a lot things to like. After the TCU game I was extremely concerned. Now we see TCU was not an average team and while we have a ways to go, I have hope for this team. We have a tough road ahead, but maybe we will be surprised.