Feleipe Franks'

father will accompany him on the official visit.

Be very interesting to see how he would do in the Briles offense considering how many deep vertical passes he likes to throw… he has an elite arm, maybe just what he needs to really showcase his talents.

It’s a good sign that the father is coming. Things are serious.

He’s on campus.

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Hope he loves it. We really need him.

I’ve never been much of a Feleipe fan. But I can turn on a dime.

Hope he comes and stays.

What was his injury? Is there any question about a complete recovery? When is he expected to be ready to practice? Is he enrolling this semester?

It’s a crappy day on campus rn. Tomorrow should make a much better impression. Especially if he gets to see the students lined up for the Kentucky game at 6 am

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