Feleipe Franks to Arkansas

Just announced via Instagram

Thanks Dudley!! Great news

Let’s break out the hot dogs (ohhh, I mean franks) and celebrate. Frankly, I’m relieved.

Think is a chance to have a big year in the briles offense!! Welcome feleipe WPS!

Does he have one year or 2?

He has one year of eligibility left.

Good pick up, hopefully Briles can work some magic with him and the offense

Richard’s write up announcing the commitment says he might get a second year here if he can get a hardship because of the injury that knocked him out of the majority of games last year. But , yeah, since he redshirted at Florida, as it stands now he gets his redshirt senior year here.

Maybe his commitment will encourage a couple stud OL to come on board.

Question: Will schools stop focusing on developing qbs when they can pick up graduate transfers every year?

OU has done a pretty good job of it already.

Yep, but can apply for a 6th year as he only played in 3 games this year before his season ending injury, much like the transfer from ASU.

I’m excited about the fact that he’s a competitor. He makes mistakes, but he has absolutely improved over his years, and that means a lot to me. That is not always the case.

While I find this to be great news for Arkansas, I’m still going to be very cautious about next year. I’ll remind people, you could put Peyton Manning back there and if we haven’t fixed the Oline or improved significantly, he would still be spending too much time on his backside or running for his life to be effective. I hope and pray CSP will be our OLine Whisperer and bring back some respectability there.

No, but they won’t stop looking if they don’t have experienced guys on their team. Why would you?

You’re 100% correct. I’m not even counting on a bowl game. However, I do believe that Franks is a nice get to help transition us between CCM’s classes and Pittman’s.

So Franks plays this year, that’s why he’s coming, Jefferson sits another year. Is this helping develop him? Will he be ready to play his junior year after not playing his sophomore year? Or his junior year will there be another graduate transfer? Where does the cycle end?

There’s one more piece to the puzzle. We need a freshman, and there are two very good ones visiting the next two weeks.

We will then have Franks at least one year, KJ hopefully will win the backup job and start the next two years, and the freshman would follow KJ. We would then sign one quarterback every year and hope to manage egos.

When/if someone who is better is not available. Don’t see a problem there.

You are making a good point, but the cycle may be broken (a foot, an ankle, a shoulder blade) at any point and the under study gets experience. Is that what happened at Florida? Yes. What happened at Clemson to send Bryant elsewhere? What happened at Alabama to send Hurts elsewhere? I think you can see that it is a fluid situation. You always are developing the youngsters. They could be the ONE at any point and never turn loose the position. There is a reason QBs leave and it’s because you developed someone else. It’s called competition and you never know when it produces something beyond what you saw coming.

North Carolina soccer coach Anson Dorrance called it the Competitive Cauldron. That’s the way you coach. You push and compare every one at the position and that starting spot is dangled like a carrot.

I like developing young players, but not at the cost of losing. Many think a youth movement serves you best for down the road. But not winning will get you fired. Figure out how to win … and you better do it in a hurry.