Feleipe Franks leadership

Feleipe showed great leadership skills all year and helped return the Razorbacks to better days. I loved seeing him on the sideline yesterday with the clipboard totally involved in the game and coaching KJ to the best of his ability. As a captain should. It says a lot about him as a player/person.

I hope he gets his shot in the NFL and does well. He’ll always be a true Razorback to our fans. Thanks Feleipe.


Agree. Glad he chose to be a Razorback this year. I can see why the majority of Gator fans speak highly of him.

One (probably crazy) thought I’ve had about Franks lately: What if he actually has no aspirations of playing professional sports, and would rather do something else (like coaching)? Most have been talking about his draft stock, but has Felipe himself confirmed professional football is in his plans? After all, if your goal 12 months ago was to improve your NFL draft stock, is signing with Arkansas your best move?

Again, probably just crazy speculation, and not substantiated by any good intel, but wouldn’t it be nice if he would rather be a part of the program in 2021 than do anything else?

Agree. We owe him so much and he gave us his all. He could have gone almost anywhere and he chose use. we are better for it.

Hope he gets his shot at the NFL and does well. He really showed me something very good yesterday.

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may be too much to ask, but with all the talent coming out at the QB position and the NCAA offering another year, id like to see him back for one more year with a little more experience around him, id be a plus for him, KJ and the rest at that position. I see several seniors id like to see back given the opportunity

I hope he comes back. He probably won’t. But I hope he does. And those that don’t want him to come back…please look at his QBR.

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