Feldman says he’s talked to his sources

Top two are Malzahn and Norvell.

With Leach, Harsin, Fritz, Napier, and Drinkwitz all candidates.

(just passing along, this is not my list!)

Gus bus will play us like he did 2 years ago .

I disagree, if he’s talking again about coming here, he wants out. Big if. I think he burned too many bridges two years ago.

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It seems to me Gus burned the bridge and blew up the road leading to the bridge. Not sure why we would consider him again. He had his Chance last time. Move on.

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Gus would be ultra expensive. He’ll also be looking for someone to buy out his Auburn contract, which I’m sure is well into the millions. Who knows though, Tyson may be willing to pay every penny of his buyout and half of his salary here? Might make Gus the least expensive of all the candidates.

He’d need to do some public groveling and apologizing before I’d welcome him with open arms. But, after that all would be good.

Ah the Gus drama again. He lose to Georgia and Alabama we will see what auburn thinks of him. Doesn’t seem to be a shortage of cash down there.

If Gus brings lashlee as oc helps offense. Will have to hit transfer portal for defensive help no matter who the coordinator is.

Oh Sexton is agent for both above mentioned. This is gonna get expensive quick

Bryan Harshin was born and raised in Boise Idaho. He is a three year letterman and ex-QB for Boise St from where he graduated. He was OC under both Dan Hawkins and Chris Petersen at Boise. He has Boise currently 8-1, undefeated in conference and headed for a major bowl. His only tie to Arkansas is he was the HC at ASU for a year if your going to call that a tie. NOT HAPPENING. :sunglasses:

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I would not sleep on Billy Napier if he gets an interview!

Dude would blow it away…

I want Matt Campbell or Kiffin myself

Nobody knows if he’s talking or this is purely media speculation. Or speculation planted by Jimmy Sexton to try to get more money out of Auburn.

Hence the word if, as big if.

One thing for sure, there is no head coach out there who’s offensive system fits KJ Jefferson’s talents better than Gus and his run first spread. Now, if we’ve got a booster who is still willing to foot most of the financial burden with Gus, well, who knows…???

Are we overlooking Fritz to some extent?

His experience and success everywhere he’s been may be very appealing to HY.

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KJ would have the potential to put up huge numbers in both Kiffin and Fritz offense

See this is my issue. In the past we’ve had several big money boosters who said let’s do this, and when it came time fore the money, they got really quiet. So, I think you may have a few that say back the Brinks truck up, then they leave others to fill it up. I don’t think it’ll happen. I’m guessing (pure speculation on my part) that Matt’s prediction of $3.5-$4 million will be what we offer. That’s waaaaaaaaay to low for Gus.

Think the only way Gus is viable is if he’s fired by Auburn after losing to UGA and Bama, thus doing us an economical favor.

I agree, as a general statement. I just think you are overlooking a really special relationship here. This isn’t the norm. And yes, Gus will not come for that 3.5 or 4. There’s only one way this would work.

No, I’m not overlooking it, just think he won’t foot the bill himself, at least for the HC, now building a monument for him, I think he’d pay that

Hey, I agree with Kiffin, and would love to have him. And there’s probably a greater chance that could be worked out than with Gus. I’m less excited about Fritz, but he’d be OK too.

I’m really chill with just about anybody HY ends up with. Every name I’ve seen thrown out on this board would be a HUGE improvement over Morris.

I like the idea of Joey F better than I did two years ago. He’s managed to keep his ego in check somewhat. Maybe just a tiny bit of maturity?.. Nah. Just out of the media spotlight and manages not to stir things up on Twitter.

But I still think/hope we can do better.

I guess I should have known better than to think we wouldn’t be hearing Gus Malzahn’s name batted about on here, but I still hate hearing it. Surely the UA won’t go down that road again.