Feldman reporting Cody Kennedy to Arkansas

Bruce Feldman is reporting that Arkansas is planning to replace Jon Cooper with Cody Kennedy, who is the offensive line coach at Southern Miss. Kennedy was a graduate assistant at Georgia while Sam Pittman was on staff there.

We are working to confirm the report, but I’ll note that Feldman is one of the most reliable reporters I know.

Will Hall has confirmed to Sun Herald.


Good find. Thanks.

Here’s a bio from Tulane on Cody Kennedy:

Hope you don’t mind, but I have a couple of questions Clay and Matt:

  1. Was replacing Cooper with Kennedy all about recruiting? Did you see any deficiencies in Cooper’s coaching or the play of TEs? Sorry if you’ve already answered.

  2. Heard Trey Biddy say that Brad Davis has been looking around at other places. Any truth to that? I Could totally see teams coming after him, be I’d be really surprised if he was “looking around” given his history with Pittman. Any insight?

It was said, Cooper reached out to Ole Miss & Oklahoma for their TE coaching openings.

That might’ve displeased Pittman too.

As for your second point, Biddy said Davis, not LeBlanc? Its been said Arkansas will have another opening either way though.

Interesting. He did say Davis, but maybe he meant LeBlanc.

No matter what happens, it’s nice to have guys people actually want. I Don’t think many on Morris’ staff could’ve gotten another P5 job if we offered to pay their salary.

Check with Trey and get back to me. Lol.

Tight end blocking seemed to be the issue.

As far as specific issues as far as Cooper’s coaching, I’m not sure.

I think it is all about recruiting. Cooper has been at Arkansas through two recruiting classes.
2020 Arkansas signed Collin Sutherland.
2021 Arkansas signed Erin Outley.
2022 Arkansas has a commitment Dax Courtney, 6-6 210, who is at least two years away from playing in SEC.

Arkansas would be in terrible shape at TE, if Blake Kern wasn’t returning for 2021.

I hope we don’t have anymore movement on our staff - especially on the OL and DL…need to keep those coaches!!!

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