Feels like

Things are getting real. Woowee. Buckle up folks.

If it is , just hope it turns out GOOD .

I’ve been noted as one that had wanted a change if you look at my post history. But I figured that wasn’t gonna happen this year and over the past few games I’ve seen growth. Yesterday not so much. , I do still feel like there is a talent issue on our team which only cheating during last recruiting cycle could have changed. I have become hopeful that landing a couple JUCO guys would get us going next year.

Regardless, I no longer feel that he should be fired. We avoided a losing season, we probably make NIT, and if we look objectively at last 5-6 years He’s done well. I think he deserves one more shot. Part of it remains that it’s Mike Anderson…his name is tied to the only great Arkansas basketball teams i ever saw. Sadly, cheating with AAU and shoe contracts has taken good guys like Mike out. I still hope gets a chance to right it one more season.

I want Mike back but I also want better results. Hope I can get both.

Are players unhappy with coaches Lynnsannity? That’s what I’m hearing from up there.

Lots of chatter, no validity so far from the people who should know.

I do know that Arkansas plans to bid for a home game in the NIT if they are invited.

So if something were to happen, likely wouldn’t happen before that.

That’s not what I am hearing “up here”, but it something that some fans are trying to push as a narrative.

I’ve made it clear that I thought - for good reasons - there would be a roster revamp next season.

Nothing has changed in that regard.

I am in now way saying there is not going to be a change, but its rumors that are spreading like wildfire, not facts.

Dudley, do you know if Mike has been asked to move into an administrative role within the athletic department or the Razorback foundation? Also, do you know if he’s been asked to remove any of his assistant coaches?

Rumors, but again I have nothing to validate either one of those.

In my 30-plus years doing this, requests for those type things happen at a post-season meeting between AD and head coach, not during it.

Some boosters or Powers that Be might have suggested those things to the AD, but that is “likely” how far it has gone.

I do know there are plenty of people - many under anonymity out there saying so - and I would never say those people are definitely wrong, I just proceed with caution when hearing it.

Obviously there is a not a great body of work for me to know about Hunter Yurachek, but that is not usually how things are done.

The fact that they are looking to host an NIT game would seem to be indicate those discussions have not taken place yet

Thanks. Sometimes I wish we’d just have found a bag man for Perry. Even with a change, there is no guarantee we get a big name. I’ve been critical but I wanted Mike to work out.

Me as well…College recruit just is so corrupt imagine if we had Monk, Jalen Barford, and Darrel Macon, Dusty Hannahs on the same team smh the bag man needs to be prosecuted