feels a whole lot like

'69 all over again.

Yes it does.


There’s just that sick feeling. We all have it. We know how close it was. I worried when I saw all 3 converging.
I have no idea what OSU has left on the mound. I know we’re depleted. I guess Ramage could go. Reindl could go, but he’s not at all dependable right now. Scoggins is still available. Bonin. Anyone else.

Campbell has to pitch well for at least 5 & I’m afraid 6 or more. And our bats have got to get hot.

Will almost take a miracle for us to win tomorrow Campbell won’t go 4-5 innings and then we have nothing left that can close out the game we had our chance and blew it

Sick feeling indeed

Or Clint Stoerner’s fumble.

It actually reminds me of Tx. Ranger Nellie Cruz’s meltdown against the Cardinals in the W. Series. Little chance we can win tomorrow night. We are wrecked psychologically.

OSU will probably bring in that freshman that threw about 30 pitches tonight for as long as he can go we had no clue what he was in there so I have no confidence we will hit him at all

The mental state of the team will be key. Will be hard to over come.

Evan Lee is available. Wouldn’t be surprised if Murphy went in to pitch for an out or two.
I know he wouldn’t pitch, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Knight were in the bullpen tomorrow.

Personally, I was only 1 year old in '69, so have not idea what that was like. This feels a lot like the 1985 World Series game six when the Cardinals got a bad call from the ump and lost the game to clinch. The next day the Royals came out and blew them out. I hope for that not to happen tonight.

I don’t think too many of the players on this team will immediately fall back on the mental meltdown the fan base has on the '69 game unless one of their grandfather’s slips into the locker room. DVH will not have to refocus them either, they will come to play tonight. Our pitching is thin, but so is OSU’s… Campbell has pitched great the last few outings and no one on their side has his fresh arm. We stole the first game they stole the second, now the Hogs need to play their game and come home with the NC. We would all have been ecstatic in the beginning of the year to know the Hogs would be playing for the championship with one game left… have faith and enjoy the opportunity.