Feelings at the game

I don’t know if this came through on TV. Tension was very thick throughout the game. The gym holds 2400. It was full and all fans are on top (really makes it a fun place). Both teams played about as hard as is possible and you could feel that as well.


It was electric in there. Had a little Pine Bluff, North Carolina vibe to it, (still loudest game I have been too)

It was equally as loud. It was crazy. I did my part.


Two pretty good teams…as the score showed, fairly evenly matched…this week.

I felt the game would be close and that the pre-game season stats sort of suggested Creighton had a slight advantage. I did not expect either team to get 90 points; good for both teams.

It was one of those games that was destined to be tough on the “loser”. However, I was impressed with our guys versus the vet team.


It’s a totally different setting (2,400 people vs. 40,000) but I kept thinking it looked like the times Arkansas played Kentucky at the Georgia Dome when both teams were great and the crowd was split down the middle, red and blue, and both sides were loud.


Matt Jones - I was having flashbacks of Arkansas and Memphis State during Todd Day and Oliver Miller days. Both teams were very talented, and the games were played at a high level. Looking for a rematch in the NCAA with Creighton.

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