Feeling sorry for Malik Monk

Wow. I thought about doing the laughing face emoji here, but that’s not at all appropriate. Hope he get’s his life under control.

Hopefully he gets clean and stays clean. I’ve witnessed drug addiction up close and personal. It’s horrible stuff. I worried his Woodz Elite AAU program would be affected but it’s still on track for late summer.

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Malik will have to change a lot of things in his life to overcome this. He is still young and vulnerable. Really hope he can turn it around.

His brother and entourage did him no favors, Jim. I don’t wish bad on anybody, but I can’t help but wonder how much different his life would be now if he had been one and done at Arkansas instead of Kentucky. Pretty sure I know the answer, and I think a lot of you do too.

Jeremy Maybe it would have been different for him at AR and he may have turned out different, that we will never know. But the Monk Bros brothers (especially Marcus) seemed to be on a high horse. Just got too high at this point, at least for Malik. I wonder to how much influence Marcus had for Malik to go down this road.
Hindsight is 20-20.

Malike, I’m praying

Marcus was more interested in using John Calapari NBA contacts for personal financial gain and that meant pushing MM to Lexington, Kentucky.

Marcus BURNED EVERY BRIDGE he had with the University of Arkansas to become just another soon to be forgotten ARCHIE GOODWIN at Kentucky.

Archie Who.

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saw an article where Monk even admitted going to Kentucky was a mistake on his part,i could say more but i won’t

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Malik who?

Marcus who?

Can you say more about the article? Not asking for any inside info you have, just wondering if the article expanded on that thought at all.

i thought the article was linked to the twitter mention at the top of the post.but i can’t find it now…it was just in passing as if he wished he had gone someplace where he might had scored more to highlight his skills…i have no inside info on anything involving the Hogs…but the comment struck me as being odd in that he and his brother thought his chance to get to the NBA would be better at Kentucky and guess it wasn’t what he thought it would be…and when i said i could say more but won’t…it was my feelings toward the Monks and decided it 'd be better not to say anything at all…sorry if it sounded more important

Or he’s not who he thought he waso


I get that people are upset that he left and went to KY, and that his brother seemed to have a heavy hand in all of this. I think it was a bad idea as well.

But, it’s old news. He’d be long gone by now. At this point, since KY is probably not going to show him much love, maybe it’s not so bad an idea to just wish the kid well on a personal level, from the state that won’t turn it’s back on him. You never know when a little bit of extra kindness and concern can come back as blessings down the line.

I hope he gets better—just for his own sake. He’s too young and blessed to be this self destructive. Ah…maybe I’m just feeling sentimental today.

I have nothing against Maleek. In fact, I feel bad for the way everything is turning out at this point. Hopefully, he will get his life in order.

He’s a product of adults (Marcus) harming the life of young people for all the wrong reasons.

No Sh_t! Some people completely miss sarcasm. I should have added an emoticon. As far as I am concerned, they are erased from Arkansas. The state and UA!

Oh the irony

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He needs to turn to Kentucky. After all, they were supposed to have his back!