Feeling sad already

I can watch Gafford only 4 more times at BWA, unless there is a NIT game. That is a depressing thought. This special talent and such a nice kid has been a pleasure to watch. There has been no one like him in a Hog uniform. The ticket holders who are not showing up for games don’t know what they are missing.

He’s one of my all time favorites too (been watching since the 70’s).

I hope he finishes this year strong (along with the entire team), makes a lot of money, and keeps his head on straight.

You have to respect Big Daniel Gafford for being loyal and staying home to be a Razorback. He is full of energy and leaves it on the floor. With the talents he has he could have went anywhere. He followed the same path as Portis.
I hope the young hogs can pull some manic out on the court the remainder of the year and they can make a run. Next Year he will be in the NBA somewhere.

Gafford is young and still learning. But, he’s clearly the leader of this team and fun to watch. I don’t recall a Hog like him, either.

A special talent that turned down the money to stay one more year… that just doesn’t happen to the Hogs.

Not to be a real doubter here because I don’t follow the NBA closely but does Gafford have the physicality to prosper in the NBA?

Daniel will be just fine in the NBA doing what he does now – protecting the rim, running the floor and scoring in the low post.

If he can develop any sort of low post offensive game, he should have a solid career.

He has a motor…he gives it all he has. He has a lot of energy and desire…that will make up for any shortcomings he might have. Plus, he may have some of the longest arms I have seen. I guess he’ll need to buy those custom shirts to fit those lengthy pipes.

He won’t survive in the NBA with just a low post game. He gets knocked around a lot in the SEC and it will be much more so in the NBA. We have not had the luxury of letting him develop an outside shot since he is our one and only center. When he shoots when away from the basket, we got nobody rebounding successfully against the other teams centers and power forwards. Developing that shot and the ball handling that goes with it will determine if he is a role player getting few minutes or if he is a starter and major contributor in the NBA.

I know Gafford played with a 7-foot-2 wingspan his freshman season, and I asked him what it is in August and he told me 7-4. It’s freakish. I think he’ll do just fine in the NBA as a rim-runner and playing with guards who have a greater grasp of PnR basketball.

From my magic crystal ball: We will see Gafford shooting a jump hook on the next level. He has it now. Has shown it a couple of times…

You are making the assumption that Daniel has reached his physical and basketball maturity. Anthony Davis coming out of college and now is like night and day. Daniel is what barely 20? It will be shocking if he does not get much stronger.

Twenty-five pounds of muscle will change a lot of things for DG after a couple of years in the league.

One thing is certain most if not all of the bias SEC network broadcasters would love to see Gafford in any other uniform except in a UA razorback be it NBA or Overseas

He’ll have time in the NBA to work on his short jumper… making him even more lethal… he’s just scratching the surface… you can see by FT’s he’s capable… when his is only doing BB and not school, he’ll improve in many areas…

Labb, I have discussed on more than one occasion, the jump hook is the shot Gafford should use as a go-to near the hoop. It is an easy shot to learn and difficult to block. It can be done with either hand and turning either way. Trying to shoot little jumpers around the hoop is tough, but the jump hook is a little easier. He doesn’t use it enough, but he will grow and improve at this.