Feeling pretty good about

Myron Cunningham. Sounds like Arkansas made a big impression on him.

Still feel the same on Chiubeze.

Sounds like Sci Martin will be a Hog too. They like him at OLB. He does have an offer.

Question about Martin. 247 has him listed as 6’4 200, JUCO rankings has him as 6’4 250. Having seen him up close, which is correct?

This is EXACTLY what I was hoping to read this am! thx, RD!


According to The Advocate

https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge … e99c6.html

6-4, 230.

He did weigh 250 at one time but lost down to 230.

Would they take Martins commit now without seeing what Russell or Henry do?

Awesome news on Cunningham! I have seen Sci Martin and I can promise you is about 230-235 and can play and has played extremely good competition.

Great update and great news…thanks RD. This is the best news we can get at this time…until we hear they have committed and then we can get ecstatic!!! Been a bit since we had a commitment so it is time for a few others!!!

Should know something on Myron on Tuesday.

Nwanna is a mountain of a young man. He’s every bit of 6-7.

Hopefully, whomever we sign they will be ready to play quickly because with most JUCO guys it takes them a while to get adjusted to the level of competition in Division 1 Football.
Unfortunately, we don’t have time for that because we have an immediate need for guys that can play and compete at a D1/SEC level which if we have now it’s very few.
The Coaches had better make the O-Line the top recruiting need for the next class followed closely by LB’s and I’m not talking about 3 star guys because that isn’t going to get any of these coaches to a contract extension and the program back to winning.
First things first, they need to show the ability to hold onto the entirety of this class and not have any more late flips, i.e. Carl Williams.
It doesn’t sound like we are looking like a favorite for safety, Catalon. Hopefully, these two Texas recruits don’t help flip some of the other Texas commits before signing day. We can’t afford any defections, we are going to loose more players more than likely in the coming weeks that will transfer to other schools and be enrolled in January.

Go Hogs!

That would be awesome and amazing… Had heard he was all OU

Not anymore. The visit swayed him to the Hogs and expect him to announce for Arkansas on Tuesday.

that is awesome!! really need him!

You sound like a glass half-full guy in this post.

I disagree on Catalon.

I’m also not worried about anybody else flipping.

The coaches have said over and over that they plan to go after OLs in the 2020 class as they did DLs in 2019.

They are all over some 2020 OL.