Feeling good about

Jalen Catalon right now. Obviously could change, but feel good as of today. No change on Carter. Been feeling good about him for awhile.

I plan to see Jalen, Enoch Jackson and Taurean Carter this week before the A&M game.

Wow. This would be huge for our program. Could be the best safety prospect to come to Arkansas.

I don’t feel as good about Hudson Henry as I once did. Any comment?

How much of that has to do with the fact that Texas just got their second highly rated safety commit?

Like I said, I feel good about Jalen even though he visited OU last week. Don’t expect him to pull the trigger this weekend, but I do feel like he could at some point. Long ways to go, but we’ll see.

Memphis LB commit Chris Russell of Dyersburg, Tenn. is another one to keep an eye on. Not sure he might jump on board or not this weekend, but one to watch now and in the future.

Can you tell us a little bit about him?

Russell is a guy that plays FB a lot and Chavis really liked him at camp. He was on the possible offer list coming into camp and he showed out.

Check out his athleticism here http://www.hudl.com/profile/7848909/Christopher-Russell

Russell will meet with the coaches this morning. Something to keep an eye on.

O’Grady - 7 rec.
Cantrell - 2 rec.
That would be 9 TE receptions. If that dosent cure his worries I don’t know what else will.

Gunter caught a pass too. 10 total receptions by TEs

You guys got it right.

I will add Devin Bush in here too.