Feeling cautiously optimistic about this evening's game...

MSU would be down to a mid-week guy, while Florida would be on their 3rd starter … against our former Friday-night guy.

As for motivation … MSU might still be fantasizing about winning the whole thing and hosting; but I seriously doubt losing two and being eliminated today prevents Florida from being a national seed.

Simply hoping the leg-humpers and wallets go an emotionally-draining, staff-depleting 21 innings today! :sunglasses:

I almost think it would be better to face Florida with Knight today.
if you can win that you then face a depleted MSU staff on Sat.

Last I checked MSU was up on UF 3-0 in the 6th inning. We might very well face the gaturds tonight.

It’s now 11-3, Luggage, end 8. Barring an implosion equal to what the Leghumpers had in the top of the 8th (11 Florida runs), we’ll be playing the mangy curs tonight.

Hey Swine, I didn’t catch the game this afternoon, but is MSU really pretty much used up as far a pitching is concerned? I’m thinking we might be in better shape. In fact, if we can get through tonight is it possible Trevor could come back for a few innings Saturday or Sunday?

I’m not Swine, but I am sure you will not see Trevor again this weekend.
And no matter how well Blaine pitches tonight I don’t think he will go beyond 75-80 pitches

We are still mostly setting up for next weekend

If Arkansas made it to Sunday, Stephan might pitch an inning or two. But he won’t have another chance for a long outing until the regional.