Feel better about Hill now

I have been worried about Hill, not based on rumors but on the fact that St. John’s did not have a PG and under new NCAA rules Hill can become immediately eligible at St. John’s.

However, based on the recent developments I feel much better now. Mike Anderson’s first signee is a PG,

Something tells me that Coach Muss, based on his comments since being hired - I want guys that can play multiple positions, a premium on 3 pt shooting, etc. - is not nearly as worried about what a Hill will do as you are. I think he would love to have that “slot” to go after a better player/fit for his system.

Before anyone jumps on me about focusing on one kid, I think we have multiple guards in this same situation. The only 100% “safe” guy I see is Joe, the other guys better step it up, especially beyond the arc, or there will not be any room at the table for them.

If. Recall correctly, Sills 3-point percentage this season was better than Joe’s.

We don’t have anything to worry about with Hill.

I think Muss wants guys that can facilitate and score the ball. I think Hill can do that. Although He appears to like bigger guards, i think he’s gonna give Juice his fair shake.

On the subject of Muss and point guards:


Could not agree more. At any level.

That is Basketball 101. Every coach believes that from high school on.

Yep. Just thought the timing was interesting.

Sills was 29-of-63 for 44 percent

Joe was 113-of 273 for 41.4 percent

He wasn’t a closely guarded.

You got it. That is why comparing those two shooting percentages is not valid.

It appears that Dudley was looking at the wrong column for Desi’s 3 point %. His overall FG% was 44%. His 3 point % overall was 46% and his SEC 3-point % was 47%. That is really good even if he wasn’t guarded as tightly as Joe. I also believe, he was guarded much closer in those last 8-10 SEC games, and still maintained his percentage. Desi has good form and can get good elevation on his 3 point shot. Desi will never be the volume 3-point shooter that Joe is and will be. Desi just doesn’t have that quick perfect release that Joe has. Joe also has 3 to 4 inches on Desi.

I’ll be surprised if Desi isn’t a lights out 3 point shooter for us next season. I guess there’s a chance though, that his size will prove to be a hinderance to getting enough minutes in CEM’s offense. I did notice though, that CEM’s best 3 point shooter last year was his 5’10" guard.

https://arkansasrazorbacks.com/stats/mb … Season.pdf

I wouldn’t say it’s not “valid”. You still have to make the shot, but I would agree that Joe was a much higher priority on the defensive scouting report.

Sills last 9 games - 18-28 from 3 (64%).

I would agree with that. But you would also agree that Joe is a better deep shooter than Desi.

The point wasn’t about which is better between Joe and Sills. It was a response to pbsock’s post about other guards stepping up beyond the arc in order to be safe in CEM’s system. I think Sills is safe.

Sills is a very good player. If he can show control & accuracy when driving to the basket, his game will elevate to a point where he will be one of the elites not only on this team, but the SEC–think Waters at LSU. Watching that short video with Coach Muss showing the players the drill coming down the court, staying low in the dribble, passing with the inside hand, I believe Sills will excel this year.

Terrific numbers.

Sills improved a great deal during his freshman year. The last 10 games or so…he was really good and was a leader by example. He played well and was clutch for his team. He shot the ball well, too. He plays with a ton of energy and enthusiasm. He will be a valuable guy next year.