Feds have now given the NCAA

the go ahead to investigate possible rules violations stemming from the FBI investigation. Lot of schools & players involved according to ESPN.

Kentucky has their starting point guard name in the mix along with other Players whom Cal bought! Jared Vanderbilt.
Kansas is in the mix too!
Arizona as well.
There’s no reason to have any faith in the NCAA to do anything at all.
The Feds will have to come down on these programs in a direct way for anything to happen.

Army, Army, Army. Feds are not going to come down on a program. They may put a coach in jail, but they will not do anything to the program that employed them. Nor should they. NCAA rules (thank goodness) are not federal law.

Now if they were to indict Bill Self, say, that would give the NCAA a big reason to hammer KU, and give Jeff Long a big reason to change coaches.

But turning their findings over to the NCAA is the next best thing. NCAA can take that and run with it. Will they? Stay tuned.