Feds ask for multiyear terms in hoops scandal

Convicted of funneling players to Kansas, Louisville and NC State. KU wants more than $1.1 million in restitution as well.
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Wait, hold up… I must have read something wrong, please tell me I am mistaken and didn’t read it correctly. But, these universities are seeking money for damages? When they were the one’s cheating???

That may be the craziest thing I’ve ever read in my life. The school cheats to get players, their middle men that funnel the money get caught, then they play the victim card and want money? I’m absolutely done… this is crazy. They are basically trying to get a refund because they caught.

The feds’ theory in prosecuting these guys is that they defrauded the universities by sending them players who were ineligible to play due to the tainted cash. In Brian Bowen’s case, he never actually played in a game.

If that’s going to be the prosecution’s gameplan for these cases, not one school is going to get in trouble. They’re going to be portrayed as the victims, rather than the culprits. The schools doing this are the very reason all the violations are happening. They’re the willing buyer.

This may get pretty dirty before all is said and done. Don’t you figure since the universities are asking for this cash they are admitting to cheating. Also you think that these winners will provide proof that the head coaches knew of the illegal payments to players and their families. The head coaches would also be in line for getting sued by their employer and get fired! I’ll bet Bill Self has started to look for a place to hide.
I just wonder if the NCAA will ever punish any of these blue bloods that we know are guilty?
Will Wade may have to change his story when the Feds release the transcripts to the NCAA. Seth G. may need to get in line as well since he has made so many statements about his concern for the integrity of the game.
All of these head coaches that simply out work all the others are feeling the heat.

I hope the ones feeling the heat, BURN!!!

We have two different things going on. The FBI does not have the task of enforcing NCAA rules, so if they’re going to act, they have to find some federal law being violated, and they’ve settled on the defrauding-the-schools idea. But they come up with all this wonderful information that the NCAA can then apply to its own rulebook – if they have the cojones to do it. Louisville got slammed for Hookergate, not for Brian Bowen. Arizona, NC State, LSU, Auburn, Okie Lite – all have been named (or had assistants indicted/plead guilty) but none has been hit with NCAA sanctions. Yet. We know the NCAA takes its sweet time on everything. Maybe in a year or two some schools get whacked. Maybe not.

I would like to see this get down and dirty and include a lot more head coaches than have been mentioned to this point. The finger pointing is getting ready to start. The shoe companies may want to change their marketing efforts and some ethical rules for their employees.
ESPN has several broadcasters working for them that are just as guilty.
If the NCAA fails to punish any of these head coaches and the schools they might as well close up shop and open up a coffee shop!

As I suspected. Not many were actually following the original case.

Yes. According to the FBI, the schools and coaches were the victims of fraud.

I predict that all of those institutions “lawsuits” will be “settled” for peanuts and that “settlement” will be “confidential” forever. There is no way they want anyone publicly testifying under oath how long these “institutions” benefitted from this “system” and how much their own people knew it was going on. None of those suits will ever go to trial! This is a pathetic charade trying to pretend they were damaged by this “system” when they actually profited enormously from it for many, many years. JMVVVVVHO

Yep, it will take the NCAA at least 2 years to process and siphon thru all of the FBI files on this. After “all” of Fed’s cases against the individuals, companies, schools, etc. are settled. Gives plenty of time for the sleazy Coaches, Middlemen, University Execs & their Lawyers to prepare their cases beforehand for any upcoming NCAA inquiries. Maybe a few surprise retirements or jumps to the NBA in the mean time.

The NCAA dragging it’s feet is just a delay tactic. They are hoping people will forget and things get back to normal. You know. The Bluebloods protected, and money coming in from shoe companies, middlemen, agents, AAU officials keep flowing.

When was the last time any NCAA case got concluded quickly? Even when a school self-punishes (say, Ole Miss football under Freeze) they go through the procedure and either accept the self-punishment or add more.

We now have a Lemon Law for Five Star basketball players…

Remember. Adidas defrauded Kansas and KU is the victim per the feds

And NIL is gonna be the end of the NCAA???


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