February 2055

If number of games played stays at the same pace it’s been since ‘89, it’ll take around 12,070 days.

#BeatTheStreak #StayAliveTil55

Regular season games are limited at 31 now, as they’ve been for a few years. But we only played 27 the year the streak began. Of course the big variable is how many postseason games we play. Could be 1, could be 9 or 10.

There are 13 regular season games left this year. If we only played the minimum of 32 games a year, it would indeed take 33 years to break the record. But as you can see, a lot of postseason games would shorten that timeframe.

I will be dead.

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So will I.

Depressing for a guy my age to think about and I’m not That-old…

How about some new streaks to start like:

Wins at the Bud current 2
Non con wins 0
Con wins 3
NCAA Tourny current 1
S16 current 1
E8 current 1
F4 current 0


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