Fearful of another butt whupping


It appears we don’t match up well against VT. Basically playing a road game against a superior team with outstanding coaching, excellent offense, quick defense and highly motivated players. Our offense is going to have to bring its A game and score on almost every drive to win. Don’t see our defense holding VT under 35. VT has a month to scheme against our defense…which shouldn’t take no more than a few minutes. Except for the TCU game, our team has yet to bounce back from any heavy blows.

CBB and our coaching staff are going to have to earn their pay checks to win against VT with some great coaching and motivating. Otherwise I fear another blowout Auburn style.


You maybe correct. However, we also have a month to scheme. I do hope our defense plays better. I watched the Clemson game. VT didn’t have much of a running game. However, the Clemson defense is much better than our defense. If we can get some type of pass rush, we have a good chance at a win.

I have a bad feeling about it, too. Let’s face it, that MU game has everyone questioning this team.

Fans aren’t exactly flocking to go, either. I have a friend who runs a tour company. They’re having a hard time getting bowl patrons. Normally they have 3-4x what they’re getting for this bowl.

it was a terrible draw for us

belk has to know no one is going travel that far for mediocrity and a likely blowout
was surprised they chose us

I don’t see a blowout either way. I think we will see a very competitive game. A close game. I do like the Hogs have 3 weeks to get ready. We seem to do well when we have extra time for preparation. VT won’t be as excited to be there as we are.

It all comes down to which group of hogs show up. The ones that play 2 hand touch or the one that showed up for Florida.
Anything can happen but my hope is we open up a can of whip a$$ on them. As much talk as what there is about the SEC having a down year and no talent other than Bama I would like to see us as well as the rest of the SEC win and shut up all the media. The hogs don’t play for 40 minutes and it’s coaching! You have to be aggressive and put your openent away. Keep scoring and be aggressive ! Something this team has lacked for 2 years.

I’m over the Missouri blues, we’re going. We support the team win or lose. Go Hogs.

I live in Virginia and have seen Tech play a couple of times this year. While I am also fearful after the Mizzou game, there is reason to be positive. Virginia Tech’s QB is big strong kid that can run, but he is not a good passing QB. He makes big mistakes and is not accurate. He is most successful when his receivers have big cushions or open space.

Their defense is always good. They are aggressive and I anticipate a chess match between Enos and Foster.

Virginia Tech historically is bad in bowl games. That is mostly because their old coach, Beamer, used to look at bowl games as a reward to the players and use the extra practices to get underclassmen ready. I know this because I know a few kids who played for Beamer. I am not sure how Fuentes will handle bowl games.

In the end, it is my opinion that the ACC is really not a good football conference this year. I expect Ohio State will expose Clemson, and the ACC, when they play. The two best teams in the Coastal division, UNC & Va Tech, both lost to mediocre SEC teams this year. Georgia beat UNC in Chappel Hill and Tech lost to Tennessee on a neutral site. I think if Arkansas were in the ACC Coastal division, we would be competing for the lead with Tech and UNC. We are as good or better, especially when we play our best, as either of those teams.

So the big wild card is what teams will show up in Charlotte? Will Tech bring their regular bowl teams that play without focus? What Arkansas team will show up? My hope is that Beilema has shown he likes to win bowl games and this team really wants to get the taste of the Missouri loss out of their mouth. With that said, maybe they will show up and play with focus, passion, and a great game plan. If so, we win.

Unfortunately our team excels at giving receivers huge cushions and open space.

If we play like we did after the bye week, we are good. I think thats the key. We have time to prepare.

Seldom do the bowls get much of a say in the draws anymore. The SEC assigns the teams and they roll it around so no one is going back to same spots over and over. Bowls like that. But it takes them out of the equation in picking teams. Both the SEC and the Big Ten do that now.

Don’t get me wrong, I hope to win, want to win, big time. That said, and maybe I am making lemon aid our of lemons, the past 2 years we have looked really good at the end of the year, won our bowl games, went into the off season feeling really good about ourselves. Did that good feeling maybe make us lose (to some extent) a sense of urgency?

Will the fact that we kind of stumbled at the end this year be a benefit going forward? ???

I don’t expect much from our defense for this bowl game. We are not skilled and are slow…That ain’t changing between now and the game. I am still disappointed in the Missouri game results. That and the Auburn game have me concerned about the football program. Bielema is a defensive coach, and we are horrible on defense and have been for the past two years. The Dan Enos hire may have saved the big fella from a lot more pain.

It’s also possible, that as a defense coach he can take more of a role in developing a scheme over the next three weeks that will help us get through it. During the season, there isnt the luxury of time to implement wholesale changes. Maybe bowl practices will let us do it.

Am I grasping at straws?

I don’t like drawing VA Tech.

They want this game and that coach is building fast.

I was confident coming off loss we beat a team next game out but didn’t expect this tough an opponent and away game

I hope none of the VT linebackers start mouthing off, but if I was a VT coach I would be whispering to a couple of them and then turn around and make the player apologize.

Two things give me reason for optimism:

One, we’ve had bad-game-good-game since Texas State. The bowl fits into the good game slot in that rotation.

Two, we followed up a horrible defensive outing against Auburn with an open date and then a very good defensive game against Florida. So what do we have here? Three weeks to prepare, look at tape and figure out how to take away what they do.

May not win, but I’m not really worried about a butt whupping. VT has a good defense (#19 nationally), but we also scored 30+ points against two of the top five defenses in the country (Bama and Florida). So we are capable of moving the ball on good defenses. And their rush defense is relatively weak. I think RW3 and Whaley can chew up some yards and clock and keep their O on the sideline.

Arkansas got shut out for a half by Missouri. That opened the door to all possibilities. But Bret Bielema has prepared very well for bowl games. I would be surprised if the Razorbacks failed to put their best foot forward.

The statistical things that really stand out for Virginia Tech:

Fourth in FBS for third down conversion defense. No. 9 for tackles behind the line of scrimmage. No. 13 for pass efficiency defense. In the top 20 for total defense. Outstanding performance on defensive special teams - coverages and blocks.

Va Tech played against six well-rated passing offenses and came away with a record of 3-3. Their opponents’ rankings for passing efficiency:

Liberty - not rated
21. Tennessee (45-24 loss)
115. Boston College
49. East Carolina
9. North Carolina
52. Syracuse (31-17 loss)
30. Miami
11. Pitt
77. Duke
10. Georgia Tech (30-20 loss)
38. Notre Dame
113. Virginia
16. Clemson (42-35 loss)

On offense, Va Tech ranks high for total first downs and passing efficiency. Their main weakness was 17 lost fumbles, giving them a negative turnover margin. If the Hokies contain their turnovers, they’re tough.

I am one of those that believes our team is good on Offense AND Defense when we run the ball well. If we run the ball well our offense is dynamic and powerful. It also chews clock and keeps the defense off the field.

I think we can run on VaTech since these teams did so well against them

Team played Pass Rush
Tenn 91 239
Pitt 278 180
Duke 148 227
Syracuse 405 156
GT 34 309
Clemson 288 182

Tenn is not a physical running team. Pitt wasn’t balanced and still got 180 rushing. Duke wasn’t balanced but got 227 yards.

I would think we should be able to run for 150-200 yards and that makes us formidable.

I like the fact that Va Tech’s strength on offense is its passing game (where Arkansas’s defense has been relatively better) and strength on defense is against the pass (where the Hogs are good + also bring the rushing attack).

VaTech fans say that their QB is not accurate. They say he never goes through his progressions because he is too quick to run at the first hint of pressure.