FBS success

It’s all about speed.

Always has been about speed.

That’s why CCM said that if you don’t have speed, you are chasing speed. And it is especially true in the SEC.

Absolutely. Watching these teams tonight is almost depressing when you think about how far we need to go to get truly competitive again. I feel the new staff will make great strides in finding the athletes we need, but it’s going to take time.

It’s also all about defense. Bama is loaded with unusually gifted athletes and they put them on defense. They are tough, speedy, and muscular and they dominate the game. When Clemson only scores 6 points that is domination. And look at the defensive points scored. Kirby Smart has started the same thinking at Georgia and he has the state of Georgia at his disposal. Great high school players are abundant there and he will put Nick to the test next week. I like Georgia.

I felt Coach Bs biggest short coming was his failure to recruit speed. You got to have it. We are light years behind the teams we saw play tonight. At least, CCM now knows what he is up against and it is going to take more than talking about Clemson.

Bama took the Paw bunch to the woodshed.

Fierce defense.

You are dead on. He recognized it and was correcting it. It caught up with him before he could get there.

Speed and great defense.

A good spread team doesn’t beat great defense.

I hate to say it, but I’m afraid we’re about 2 recruiting years behind several SEC teams on speed & strength. I’m not sure we can catch them. CCM was behind the 8-ball when he got here as far as recruiting. The early signing period hurt. Not having a full staff hurt. Not sure if we can make up much ground by Feb. Someone please tell me I’m wrong.

I dont think we are a full 2 years behind. Coach B focused on speed his last couple recruiting classes. I think we have speed in a lot of our younger players.

Perhaps our insiders can shed some light on the speed aspect. I just remember a lot of articles talking about speed the last couple years.

I don’t think we have enough recruiting spots open to make much of a dent in February. It’s going to have to wait for the 2019 class.