FBI probe fallout thoughts....

No one knows for sure the eventual fallout/sanctions from the information gleaned in the FBI probe of college basketball. But many of you on this board have a lot of knowledge about the depth of the problem and have personal thoughts on where this ends up down the road. So just for fun - would any of you predict how this will end? How many schools affected? Which power teams sanctioned? Or will it go away wiith a whimper?

I personally don’t see huge widespread fallout to the blue bloods. The NCAA protects them pretty much at all costs (unless you are stupid like Louisville). At least that is how I see it.

Let’s lay down some speculation.


The NCAA has no teeth left in their enforcement arm. The U of Miami fiasco ended any and all NCAA major penalties to major sports Universities. Slaps on the hands are all they are willing to do under the current management in their enforcement arm and their boss at the NCAA.

Schools like Auburn should receive the death penalty in basketball. KY, under Cal should receive huge penalties and his ties with WW Wes should have been severed years ago.

Whimper, is a good word for this. A few asst coaches may be offered up as lambs to the slaughter, but I doubt any major University or any head coach of a major university will receive any real penalties.

I hope like hell, I’m wrong.

Historically basketball assistant coaches (as stated) take the punishment. It’s always been an unwritten rule that they do the dirty work and the HC has plausible deniability.

While not illegal (but funny) I was sitting behind Wimp Samuelson in the LR airport one night while we (and the UALR team) were waiting on a flight. An assistant walked over an sat by Wimp (his son I believe) and they discussed a recruit from Indiana. The assistant said the recruits dad wanted a guarantee his son would start as a frosh to get his son to sign with UALR. Wimp said something to the affect of “tell him anything he wants to hear…just get him to sign”. Then he clarified that he should avoid saying Coach Samuelson said he would start.

I cracked up out loud and Wimp look around and gave me a dirty look. He was good at dirty looks.

I don’t think we can predict what the NCAA is going to do because we’ve never had a case before where the FBI handed them the information on a silver platter. They could absolutely hammer Kansas and Arizona based on what we already know. But will they?

I will be SHOCKED if anything happens to any blueblood.

See tOSU and their last 2 coaches, see miami or UNC or Auburn/Scam newton or ole Mrs etc etc.

no teeth, no balls, however you wanna say it, but cheating clearly pays off very well in college athletics


NCAA already showed their muscle without any FBI probe. Got their prize to.
Mighty BYU.

Louisville is a blueblood and all the NCAA had was a book by a hooker. Ask Rick Pitino if they took it easy on that blueblood.

When I see KY, NC, Kansas, Nike and the like, I’ll take it seriously.

There was a time when Pitino was a really good sound basketball coach & still is when it comes to just coaching. But when coaches like him become holier than the game & system to try to keep up their good rep & good teams they get out of control with recruiting tactics and/or allowing shoe companies & AAU sponsors manipulate the system.
I think Self is dirty now (another good coach) and even Coach K seems to have taken that path. 2 Coaches I thought didn’t have to.
The Coach Cals, Pearls and some others just have that in their DNA to be crooks of the game & it’s been allowed so no wonder more are following suit.

It was the Louisville board, not the NCAA, that got rid of Pitino and the AD Jurich. When the FBI news was first leaked, it was the final straw for their board. Word was they told Jurich to fire him, he refused, so the Board/President fired Pitino with cause and announced Jurich’s firing a couple days later. The “with cause” clause contained both the “hooker” and recruiting scandal, but without a doubt, it was the recruiting cheating, not the “hooker” deal that got him fired.

The cheating got him fired, but the hooker got the probation and got the NC banner taken down.

I am not expecting anything serious to happen. Maybe some take a note and clean up their act a bet.