FBI has determined

That the noose hanging in Bubba Wallace’s NASCAR garage in Talladega was a knot in a pull rope and was visible in photos taken there in 2019; there was no way that whoever tied it that way could or would have known that Wallace would be assigned to that particular garage last week.

So apparently not a racist stunt. This time.

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Having been involved in NASCAR for several years from a primary sponsor role I’ve been around owners, drives, crew chiefs, NASCAR executives and others in the sport. Good folks (for the most part) but like any organization they have some that are not good. I would be surprised to see anyone in the garage area do anything like this. Too many camera/cctv everywhere. I’ve been away from it for years but I hear from my friends there on occasion. But I’ll say that at some races (Talledega for sure) there are some fans that are not tolerant of folks difference from them. NASCAR is in a deep slump in attendance prior to the pandemic. Without the big TV $$ they would be in trouble.

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From what I’ve learned listening to Marty and McGee, NASCAR could use the infusion of more fans. Many African-Americans that they have interviewed have not felt welcome at races. They seem to be much more interested since the ban of the confederate flag. Brad Daugherty is a co-owner of a cup series team. He has had trouble getting some of his friends to attend races. They seem more interested now.

BTW, I’m not a fan, but I do find the discussions interesting.

We sure a noose wasn’t placed there by Manti Te’o’s girlfriend?


Brad is the co-owner of the team that we (Little Debbie) sponsored. Tad and Jodi Geschickter are the other owners. All wonderful people that put their hearts into their team (37 and 47 cars). Me and Brad used to banter a lot about his #1 North Carolina team coming to my hometown in February 84 and getting beat. Brad grew up in a racing family and loves the sport. It was a big deal for NASCAR when he became an owner in the Cup series. He’s a really good guy. I’ve not talked to Brad since we got out of NASCAR but I stay in touch with Tad.

You are correct Marty, NASCAR has been trying hard to connect with Latino and African American folks.

I. An tell ur disappointment Swine.

How dare u bring on non Razorback political issue. Shut this down immediately.

Another fake Hate Crime!? People staging Hate Crimes for attention!? Impossible!

Sadly, this looks like another rush to judgement, guilty until proven innocent situation that may have involved a fair amount of racial profiling. The race is in the deep south, home of sons of the confederacy, and korncracking rednecks (just using phases I read on line here in the other thread on this subject) so of course it’s a noose.

I in no way believe what has taken place in Minneapolis or Atlanta is acceptable, and I believe we need serious action taken at the highest levels of our government to address racial inequality. However, I am growing tired of the one off very emotional reactions/responses and rushs to judgement on this issue.


Swine was giddy about it. Guess who will get their hand slapped though.

Well then it will soon come out who the initial whistle blower was in this case who got it wrong. (If that’s the case).

Still a lot of blatant racism in this country, men. Glad this was not another example of it, but this is hardly a time for “I told you so.” Our country has a lot of work to do.

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Once again one side of our political and media establishment can’t wait to allow the facts to come out before stirring things up only to be made fools of again.
They just can’t help themselves.

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Yeah, just one side. Sure. Good gracious. NASCAR thought it was legit. Had it investigated. That was reported. And yet you have a problem with that.

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Curious who spotted the rope and assumed a noose? Under the circumstances I can understand the assumption.

I’ve raised several garage doors that had pull ropes. Most were just hanging ropes while some were tied into a noose like circle.

I have problem with media and woke public who jump on it and run with narrative before investigation.

I disagree about blatant racism. Does that make me a racist? I know and can name a lot of successful African Americans who agree with me. Does that make them Uncke Toms? Those are the folks I feel sorry for. It’s insulting to them who have tried to live a good life.

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I would say NASCAR just pulled a publicity stunt, but don’t know if NASCAR or someone in the garage released the information to the media. Whatever, it’s now just an embarrassment for NASCAR. Even with that they made the right move banning the Confederate flag from NASCAR venues. It’s an anachronism and divisive, a hindrance to growth. So good riddance. The racing Monday was about as exciting as NASCAR gets, this from a primarily Formula 1 fan. Slowing the cars down at Talladega worked.

It likely depends on how you and I each define “racism.“ And, of course, I don’t know you. I couldn’t possibly say whether you are a racist, whether latent or overt. Or not at all. BTW, I assume you’re a white dude. I wouldn’t use the term “Uncle Tom” in any context but that’s me. Carry on.

I don’t know but this still seems fishy and suspicious to me. Something doesn’t feel right here. I hope they get to the real bottom of this. Seems like they left this hanging like a noose.

Was it a coincidence that Bubba was assigned the garage with a noose? Or does every garage at Talladega has a noose hanging? Why didn’t anyone notice The noose before now?