Is the FBI still investigating Wade and the LSU basketball program? I don’t get it. In 2017-18, they had evidence that showed Wade made cash payments to about a dozen players and recruits. And, he is still recruiting and coaching at a very high level. Crickets from the NCAA.
LSU = Legal Status Uncertain.

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The NCAA investigation is ongoing.

Will Wade might retire before a decision is made. The NCAA is a joke. To include this IARP. Can it all !

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There is no NCAA. The schools who were most being investigated a couple years ago including Prominent programs began running out the clock as NIL became more apparent of coming into play.

I.E. what is illegal now?

Some but basically Nothing if majority surrounded paying players.

That’s legal now.

Just ensure outside groups are doing so legally.

Rules, what Rules…?

Well, eagle, your reason and logic will not penetrate some skulls.
‘Newspeak’ is alive and well.
In a similar way it is “obvious” that LSU has been grievously cheating ‘to those who don’t choose to be blind’. But this was such a sweet win for this team. The Hogs needed this game more than the Tigers.

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