FB tickets question

the tickets I want require a donation to the Razorback Foundation. Do I still have to pay this if I give tickets to the foundation for basketball.

Pretty sure they are tracked separately

Yep, each sport requires it’s own donation for certain seating.

Yeah that’s what I figured. Maybe I will call the foundation a couple of days before the first game and see if they would waive it. Beats empty seats?

Thanks for the help.

One thing right now, you’ll just have to pay the minimum in a section vs when we were selling out the lower bowl. It won’t hurt to ask, that’s for sure. They might let you do it for this year?

If you are paying more than minimum required for your basketball seats, you can divert the overage to football or any other sport.

I don’t think they’ll sell you season tickets without the donation. I don’t know how individual game tickets are sold. However, if you want to sit in the premium seats, you can probably just show up at the stadium a couple of hours before the game & hold up a sign asking for club tickets. There’s a good chance someone will have them to sell you.

Are you talking about a big donation, for lower bowl 50 yd line, or something less than that? Because if you want to sit on the 50 in the lower bowl, just donating the money doesn’t guarantee you will get the tickets. OTOH, you can buy club seats with little or no donation required. For that matter, if you want to sit in the south outdoor club I could make you a deal for two seats for most of the games including a parking pass, with no donation required.

Razorback ticket office has tickets (I’m just looking for 1) right around the 50 on the visitor side (row 56) for $360. However, it would require a donation of $5,000. There is no way “I’m that interested”.