FB: LSU at Arkansas 2020 game thread


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Wiooo Pig Soooie!

Fav game Of the year

Go Hogs Go

All three guys on SEC Nation picked the Hogs.


Unanimous choice for Hogs on ESPN Gameday as well.

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Ok D take the ball away

Time for the offense to get cranked up.

Run defense has been decent so far and we’re getting some push on the pass rush.

No groove on offense yet. WE need to put them down early and pour it on.

LSU defense looks very fast or we are slow.

We better start scoring some points soon

Offense needs to get it going so we don’t get our defense worn out by halftime.

I don’t care if we just win by 7/3!
I hope our offense can get sustained drives and give our defense all the rest they can get.

Ugly offense. Ridiculous.

We look like the rusty team!

Good grief. Offense looks awful so far.

Defense will need to score some today

Another 3 and out. Wasn’t the sustained drive I was hoping for.
Go Hogs!

3 weeks to prep for us seems to be paying off. They know our offensive plays better than we do. Franks needs to get it together.

D line will wear out in second half. We better score on this drive and keep scoring

We woke up

And just like that…

Touchdown Arkansas‼️