Fayetteville's Kaiden Turner attracts Power 5 teams with speed, instincts

The 2022 high school football class is going to be best in several years. Maybe the best class in last 15 years.

Agree. Has a chance to be once in a generation type class.

Exciting to see Arkansas High School showing signs of upping its game. Seems even Central Arkansas is showing signs of rebounding some. Back when the Razorback program was competitive, Central Arkansas was supplying talent in decent numbers. If we can get back to a good population of prospects in Central Arkansas added to the growth of players we are seeing from NW Arkansas’ and keep seeing other programs throughout the state adding their kids to the total we could make a recruiting process smoother.

Do you know if he’s a hog fan at all RD? Sounds like he likes the Sooners and the Hogs

That what it appears. Likes both of them.

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LB coach Rion Rhoades reached out to Casey Dick today about Turner

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