Fayetteville WR

Checking but I’m assuming this is a PWO. He visited Sat.

It is a PWO. Figured but had to make sure. Still a very, very good prospect.

He’s a Hog

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Is he related to Tyson? I was unable to get your story to open.

I don’t think he is any relation to Tyson, at least not immediate. Kaylon and his twin brother Jaylon transferred from the Springdale school district after their sophomore year of high school.

Kaylon was awesome this year for Fayetteville. He had five 200-yard receiving games and was fifth nationally in receiving yards at the time of the Purple Dogs’ last game. He manned the same position in the offense that Isaiah Sategna had last season and there was no drop off. It was kind of stunning, to be honest, because of how great Isaiah was.

I’m surprised more schools did not offer Kaylon because he can run and has good hands. He suffered a season-ending injury (I think to his shoulder) early in the 2021 season during a car accident. I think that probably impacted his recruitment some because there was not much game film on him until this year.

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