Fayetteville WR Isaiah Sategna has decomitted from Texas A&M

I do think Arkansas is in good shape here, but the young man has lots of options (30 offers) and I am sure he is going to explore those.

Sure to be some speculation about LSU, where his mom and dad both went to school.

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Are you surprised by this, Dudley? For the longest, it seemed he was firmly committed to be an Aggie. (I don’t have any real sources, though.)

I see Isaiah S. becoming a Razorback and being a great one for whatever that’s worth.

USC, LSU, or Oregon.

I’ll go with Oregon.

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Sategna’s parents were athletes at LSU and he was offered by LSU after he committed to Texas A&M. LSU won the track national championship over the weekend and he is as much of a track recruit as football.

I don’t know if any of that plays a role in his de-commitment, but it was what I thought of when I heard the news.


I am hoping this decommitment means he has decided to go on a track scholarship to Arkansas. If not Arkansas, LSU is a great program for sprinters.

No. We have heard rumblings

Curious development when you throw in the fact that his father recently left the coaching staff of UofA’s T&F program. Given that factor, it would be surprising to me (though much welcomed) to see him choose Arkansas.

Anybody know why his father left UA?

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I’ve been curious too.

Or to what school his dad went to when he left UA? If his dad left UA on bad terms, that may explain Isaiah’s no interest.

Saw on Twitter an hour ago that Isaiah enjoyed his visit to @CowboyFB & assume that is Okie St.

Supposedly the same issue he had with Texass, and was out of coaching for a while.

And that issue would be…?

All questions I plan to ask once he gets back with me.

When I read posts here, I often feel like Sonny Weaver on Draft Day, when he’s talking to Ralph - who always plays the “guess what I’m thinking” game, instead of outright saying something.


Some wait 12-15 years after something happens to let the cat out of the bag. :thinking:

As far as I know, no reason was ever given for Mario Sategna’s resignation at Texas or Arkansas. I’ve heard rumors of why he left both places, but nothing that has been substantiated.

In his resignation letter to the UA, Sategna wrote, “Thank you for the opportunities the University of Arkansas has provided me for the past three years. Let me know if there is anything I can do to make this transition easier…Thank you again for your support and encouragement.”

He did not resign at Texas. He was fired without cause.

Yeah, and Steinmetz resigned on Thursday, lol.